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New to me 1999 1500 Drifter in SE WI

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Hi All.
Picked up a Drifter over the winter from a highly motivated seller. God I love that. I kinda pick up "rescue bikes" lol. Not much wrong with it at all. Adds/Mods since purchase:

New steering head bearings
18" chrome apes
Extra tall C Bailey shield (I'm 6'7")
Highway pegs
Desert Dawgs.
Some Killer well used fringed Pac-Kit Big Bertha Leather bags (Mounting them was a challenge)
Stripped the rear signals and mounted some nice tucked away ones nestled in the rear grab rail.
V&H Longshots w no baffles
Stripped all logos and badges- covered up the old tank panel with leather from a worn out set of riding gloves.

I'm not one to wash bikes, so now it will gather "patina" as the miles roll on.
I always like these bikes since the day they rolled out, and now there are so few that seeing another is a rarity.  Its funny how many looks these bikes get from 'bar & shield' newbs who don't really know bikes much other than their own.
I know traffic on the site isnt brisk, but I figured I'd say howdy anyway.

My girlfriend and I both ride. She has 3 harleys (95 Ultra, a 1200 sporty hardtail chopper in a Paughco frame, and a 78 1/2 shovelhead.  I've got the Drifter in Mulberry with black details, a 2000 Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird, and a 1989 FJ1200.  We rarely are in cars on the weekends in the summer months and ride the wheels off any chance we get.  If you see us out and about, hi in advance.


Welcome to the group. There are several Drifter owners in Wisco...You have one near you, in Burlington. I'm in La Crosse, and there are 3 others here by Wisco's WEST COAST....

  Welcome and enjoy the ride, pictures are a must or it never happened....

Welcome aboard!
BTW, we do like PICS!!! ;)

Welcome, Riley, to the nut-house....  Yes the traffic here isn't what one would call "brisk", but the information and camaraderie are rich.    BTW, someone mentioned pics??   You do own a picture-taking-device don't you?  We like pics....  ;)


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