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Taking apart my 800 for a refurbish.

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I started taking apart my 800 for some OVERDUE maintenance. 
I purchased the bike last year with 46,000 miles on it. 
The handling was so bad I decided to check the steering head bearings and figured while I was at it, I would strip it down, and make a few upgrades. 
So far I found the PO was running 17/42 gears. 
The steering head bearings just about fell apart when I removed them. 
I don’t think the rims have been cleaned since the last time the tires were changed. 
The upper fork tube covers were both badly damaged
The handlebars are bent
2 dents in the gas tank.
Brake pads paper thin.
Spark plugs black. 
1 exhaust stud broke off.

I can only imagine what else I find. 
Glad I ordered a shim kit for the valves

Please keep us advised.

WOW! Too bad.
I think that if you don't care about your bike, well you didn't deserve her.
Take good care of her and good luck with your fixing.

Sounds like you bought yourself a job.

Be careful, LOL...   When I tore down the 800, it took me about 2 years to get it finished.


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