M/T - Engine, Drive, Air, Fuel

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M - FuelFuel related stuff.9
M - Air/EmissionsAir intake etc. 8

Gas Cap TopperCurt Taylor's gas cap topper.7610
Alternator CoverAlternator/Generator Cover. Simple way to change the look of the left side alternator/generator cover. 7320
Vulcan Classic Shaft Cover on DrifterVulcan classic Shaft Cover on a Drifter. Yes it will work but you have to do some trimming. 6320
Info on Temperatures - Thermostat/Cooling FanThe thermostat opens and closes to keep the coolant within operating range. The thermostat starts opening at 136-144F (58-62C) and is fully open at about 167F (75C).5360
Flushing Radiator w/o Removing TankMethod for flushing radiator without removing fuel/gas tank.This is a shortcut for the tank portion. Actual coolant replacement etc is not discussed. 5850
Flush and Fill RadiatorHow-to flush, clean and fill your Vulcan drifter radiator. 6220
Flush and Fill Radiator - 2Radiator Flush and Fill. 5720
Adjust Chain - Drifter 800Adjust Chain - Drifter 800. 7270
U-Joint Repair/Replacement - Drifter 1500Vintage gadget mod, replacement of the u-joint in a 1500. Typically you have to buy more than just the u-joint. This is a mod that shows how to acquire a usable u-joint and replace the existing.6150
Starter Motor Removal - Without Draining RadiatorYou don't need to drain the radiator to get the starter motor out. Remove the starter motor wire, and the single-wire switch on bottom of radiator.5220
Cam Chain Tensioner Extender - Kawasaki 1500This repair tip is intended for Vulcan 1500/1600 models. We do not know if this tip will work with VN800's.7350
Cylinder Plug Leak RepairDescribes how to repair oil leak from cylinder plugs. *5450
JR's Drifter 800 Engine RebuildRebuilding and restoring a basket case 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter 800.5280
Oil Leak DetectionFind oil leaks the first time. Simple process for finding source of a leak5120
Location of Engine NumberThe engine number on most Kawasaki Vulcan engines will be on the left side of the crankcase. Under the bike close to the oil screen plug.4240
Drifter Oil Filter ListingOil filters for 1500 Drifter and most other Vulcans6180
Spark plug color chartSpark plug color chart6870
Drifter Spark Plug Cross ReferenceSpark plug cross reference for the 800 and 1500 drifter. 6190
Kawasaki Final drive filler cap and Engine oil filler cap1999 and 2000 1500 Drifter models use the same cap for both the final drive filler and engine oil filler. P# - 16115-10692001 and later the engine oil filler cap is chrome plated. 5060
Stripped Oil Plug RepairHow to fix that stripped oil plug. 4350
Final Drive Gear Case Oil ChangeGear case final drive oil change. 4980
Vulcan Oil ScreenInfo on the oil screen located in all 1500/1600 vulcans. 3090
Belt Drive ConversionBelt Drive conversion using Scootworks Mondo drive kit. *Downloadable PDF2770
Drive Shaft LubeInstructions for lubing your Vulcan drive shaft. Applicable to all shaft drive Vulcans. 1400
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