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Started by CousinVinnie, November 20, 2023, 14:43:23 PM

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I need to know from the forum what size and brand of car tire works the best on the rear wheel of the Drifter 1500.

I am having my 1500 converted to 2 in front, 1 rear.  The guy doing the conversion says he cant put a car tire on that bike rim and the only thing that would fit would be little spare.

My buddy, Parson Dav went to the dark side with his 1500 a few years back and had a Chinese tire on the rear. It worked for him with only marginal cornering issues.

I will not have that issue as I am going to be straight up all the time.

So, I want to know from anyone who has done the dark side, what size, brand of tires work

Right now I get to keep the rear tire on mine, but I know its not gonna last 30,000 miles

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