New to me Drifter 1500 has arrived

Started by toad 5.0, November 13, 2023, 19:03:49 PM

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'02 Vulcan Drifter 1500

toad 5.0


Greetings all, I very recently picked up an 03' 1500. Haven't had a chance to put any real time in the saddle (just short runs), but so far im really digging the bike. Ive been a long time rider of Triumphs, and a few UJM's over the years. Closet thing Ive ever owned to a "Cruiser" is an 883R Harley (which I actually liked quite a bit).

Like I suspect most here, I like to go through my bikes and really get to know them as much as possible. Along with changing out the fluids, making sure important bolts are tight, etc.. So far ive determined that I need a front tire (I'll likely replace them both), my windscreen has seen better days and I need something to carry small items in. Im not a huge fan of saddlebags and really dont need that kind of space.

Lastly, if I am gonna keep her (which I likely am) I need to make some changes... i.e paint color, etc. If anyone wants to swap out all there Black "bits" for my "Chrome "bits"... im need to find an appropriate place to post that question..

Well thats my story so far

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