Starlight Trailers for Sale CHEAP in Neosho, MO

Started by CousinVinnie, April 28, 2023, 15:41:14 PM

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If anyone visits or gets any additional info please let us know. Might be a reason to make a road trip?!

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  OK, gang, here's the deal.  This is put out there for anyone interested in a decent little pull behind trailer.  A company called Neosho Fiberglass in Neosho, MO had to shut down due to the owner passing and the economy.  They sold trailers under the name "Starlight".
Since they are no longer listed as a company and are no longer producing, they are left with a snit load of parts AND some completed trailers.  Right now they have 8 completed trailers that they call the Model 16, a cute little 16 cu. ft. job that is just right for short trips and beginners.  They are in white and black, so you will have to adjust the paint yourself.
If you know of someone who has a Starlight and needs parts for repairs, they still have plenty of other stuff left like hitch topngues, rotating trailer hitches, some tires, and some accessories. They also have some fiberglass tubs, and lots of small parts too. They have alot of 2nds in the way of their cooler holders too.
Prices range from about 725 in the basement to about 1200 for ones with more accessories.  And since they cannot make any new ones, they need to get this stuff sold off, so please look into this and help them get out from under this.
The number is 417-451-0699.  They are open Wednesday thru Friday. When you call they will answer the phone DJM Associates.  If someone does call, Tell them Scott from Fort Scott sent you.

PS: I have attached the sales flyer so you can get an idea of what they look like. Reminder, all thats left are the Model 16s but they have lots of accessories too. They are selling this stuff at about 1/2 price.You cannot view this attachment.

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