What Is A Touring Motorcycle Really Good For?

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One big difference that I noticed on my 1500 (well really...my 1600) is having a batwing instead of just a windshield....the batwing, although a lot heavier with the stereo, speakers and thickness, really does a good job of re-directing the air flow around and over me when cruising at higher speeds....and it is really steady on the road.  With highway pegs and a backrest, I literally started to drift off going down the highway after work one day using the break-away throttle lock...granted it had been a long day and it was warm out (summer time).  With the oversize Viking "Indian Chief" saddlebags and the rear rack bags, I can pack a good week's worth of attire and stuff if needed....plus I have my "Driftin' Tunes" playlists to keep me company.... 8)

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The Drifter (1500 specifically) is a pretty versatile bike. I did a few long trips, two up, on mine. But, with two people and all the bags etc. it wasn't what I considered a touring bike. I bought a Goldwing 1800 for touring... did a 3 week trip out west on the GW, two up. And, it was great. The GW felt comfortable and nimble even after 14 hours on the road.

But, for a solo rider the Drifter 1500 makes a perfectly acceptable long range cruiser... maybe not a true tourer. But then again, I did long trips on Brit bikes and HD superglide/lowriders in the olden days, so my pov may be skewed. There is a lot to be said for a packed out v-twin on an endless road.

With the Goldwing there was a lot of dry space to pack things. On the Drifter you have to do a lot more planning and selecting of gear. It will RAIN, so everything has to be protected. It is much more difficult to tour on the Drifter, but it can be done and it can be enjoyable.

Tell us about your touring experience on the Drifter. 

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'02 Vulcan Drifter 1500

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What Is A Touring Motorcycle Really Good For?

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