Started by chief, October 23, 2022, 02:16:57 AM

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I purchased the National Cycle light bar N940 for my VN800-E2.
The design of the light bar is poor, and the standard of manufacture was unbelievably bad.

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This is a list of lightbar sources and lightbar info.

  • You are likely better off doing one of the nolightbar mods. These are really cheap. There is also a black version.
  • Light bars for Vulcan Classic are reported to work with Drifters.
  • EU source. Custom Cruisers. This appears to be the N940 which USA NC no longer lists. N925 is available and fits Vulcan Classic 1600A. It MIGHT fit the Drifter. (If anyone has experience with either of these please let us know.)
  • Mod which repositions turn signals with an adapter.
  • National Cycle Lightbars
  • According to NC, " The mounts used on the N940 Light Bar VS the N925 Light Bar are different and are not interchangeable."    (But are they adaptable?
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