HELP: Using SEARCH on the VDR Forum.

Started by chief, October 23, 2022, 00:44:12 AM

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The SEARCH feature (top nav bar) will search topics and posts for keyword(s). Default search will search the entire site for your keyword(s). This is likely to result in hundreds or thousands of hits.

Use the features of SEARCH to limit your search to specific likely boards.

When you select SEARCH from top nav bar, you are taken to the SEARCH page. There are 3 sections to this page.

  • The first is POPULAR search terms. Your search may already be there. TURNED OFF
  • The second is the actual search form. Enter your keyword(s), play around with the other settings to zero in on what you want.
  • The third section is where you can select the boards you want to search. By default it is set to ALL. Uncheck the SELECT ALL box. On the SELECT BOARDS header to the right, click on the down arrow. All the available boards will be shown. Select only the ones you want searched to limit your search to pertinent topics.
Hope this makes sense.
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