Started by chief, May 12, 2022, 12:49:32 PM

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Our old themes and theme selector no longer works with the new forum update.

We are testing new themes made for this generation of our forum. Customization is a bit more difficult so we will work on that slowly.

Right now, we are resetting everyone to this theme to give it and the new forum version a workout. If you cannot live with the theme, colors etc., you can change themes via your profile. There will be 2-3 available to select. There currently is not an easier way to do this.

To change your theme...

  • At the top left of the home screen, click on you Member ID.
  • That will pop up a list of available options.
  • Select LOOK and LAYOUT
  • That screen will give you a list of available options to modify your theme and settings.
  • The first block lists your current change and has a CHANGE button. Click that to get a list of alternate themes available to you. The list also provides thumbnails of the themes to help you select.
  • Select the theme you want. Your theme will change and you will be taken back to the profile Look and Layout page.
  • On that page you are given many different options for how the theme operates. Take time to look at the options.
  • Click the CHANGE PROFILE button when you are finished.
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