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We have used Service Manuals for sale in the Classifieds.

Service Manuals

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'02 Vulcan Drifter 1500


Chief: In the other thread, I posted that I have both the user and the service manual in pdf form. Today, for giggles, I went onto Ebay and found this link:

I know nothing about this seller, but if this is the service manual that members are looking for, it may be worth a shot.

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As you might know, ALL owner and service manuals for our Drifters (800 and 1500) are out of print or "unavailable" from Kawasaki.

I located the old PDF files for owner manuals which we had for the VDR site.


We have provided two new pages in the REF-Manuals section of MODS. These list the manuals, P/n, and links to the PDF.

REF-MANUALS -  This area will allow you to view the PDF online and save to your computer if you choose.

DOWNLOADS - We have also added the individual owner manuals to the DOWNLOADS area. That is found under the Mods and Accessories Nav button.  These are PDF files which you will have to download to view.

Service manuals are a completely different story. In the REF-MANUALS area is some info on Service Manuals.

VDR periodically sells manuals via the classifieds area. We currently have several used 1500 and an 800 manual for sale. If you have a manual you'd like to donate or sell cheaply to VDR, let me know.

We will continue to try and find Service manuals. 99/00 1500 and 800 manuals are hard to find. ALL 800 manuals are rare. Expect to pay more for these.

I do recommend Clymer and Haynes manuals for 1500 and 800 Drifters.

Slainte mhaith - Good Health - Cheers

'02 Vulcan Drifter 1500

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