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Hi, I am contemplating buying a VN 1500 Drifter, but I wouldn't consider myself as an accomplished biker and I'm wondering if I am biting off more than I can chew. I have just sold my VN900 custom and wondered if the 1500 drifter is going to be a massive jump up in size. The bike looks pretty heavy. Can anybody advise or offer advice ?
Many thanks  :-\

It is big and heavy but a joy to ride.  If you are competent on your 900, I doubt you'd have difficulty getting used to a 1500.

The 1500 is about 130 lbs heavier. Of course, that translates into a better ride on the highway.

OR Seedman:
I switched from the Drifter 800 to the 1500 about a year ago....the 1500 is less nimble at low speed but definitely makes up for that in much better low end torque and just overall riding..less "buzzing" at highway speed and smoother through the gears....the 800 was a great around town bike, but did not get it done for me in hills and riding on the open road..

The earlier comments at well put.  The 1500 is a solid road bike.  I went from a 900 to a 1500.  They are dramatically different bikes.  I loved to toss the 900 around on the back roads but riding the interstate was a pain.  I thought getting the 1500 would put an end to my back road fun.  Not the case.  the 1500 is as nimble on the back roads as anyone would want.  Sure, I scrap a running board or two once in a while.  The weight and the torque keep the bike on the road and moving well through the twistys and it's a dream on the open road.


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