2019 Triple Nickel Drift - Marietta Ohio - Aug 12-15

Started by Vader, February 03, 2019, 04:06:20 AM

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Ron Ottow is heading that up --   I sent him a message on FB to get in touch with you.

No Worries


I have heard of a Drifter Reunion that will be held in Indiana in 2020 that is posted on Facebook.
I have not been able to successfully register on Facebook; probably because my computer is old.
I would love to learn more about that gathering and can be reached at lowellmm@att.net.


No Worries


I was not able to attend either Drifter event in 2019 but was wondering if someone who did attend this event could post some pics or info about the gathering.
It is looking like I may have a chance at attending a similar event in 2020 if any materialize.


Sounds like fun! I have never been to one before. Made my hotel reservations today. Looking forward to it!



This rally is for owners, friends and fans of the fabulous Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter. No, you don't HAVE to own or ride one to attend. Just as Jesus sought sinners to bring to his church to enlighten, we welcome riders of other makes and models too.

This will be my gang's third turn at hosting a Drifter Rally in 4 years ( following "Drift Away in PA 2016" and "Drift Away in PA 2017" ), so we've been around the block on this stuff. With our past experience, we hope to make this the best one yet. The dates will be Aug 12-15, 2019. Here's a link to a COUNTDOWN CLOCK - https://countingdownto.com/.../triple-nickel-drift-12-august-...

2019's event will be in Marietta Ohio, a beautiful and historic little town on the Ohio River. For it's size, there's plenty to see and do here - https://mariettaohio.org/ . Just a few miles south on the other side of the river in West Virginia is the town of Parkersburg, which likewise has it's own "to-dos" - https://www.greaterparkersburg.com/ .

The hotel that will be our HQ in Marietta is the LAFAYETTE HOTEL, and it's pretty crazy! http://www.lafayettehotel.com/ Everything is appointed with furnishings from the great steam riverboat era, honoring the town's history ( as well as it's current day paddle-wheeler, the "Valley GEM", which docks just down river ). Don't get me wrong, the place has air-conditioned rooms and is modern in amenities, including the period-themed "Riverview Lounge" tavern and "Gun Room" restaurants both on-site. This hotel has undergone great renovation over the last few years, and it's reviews since are all 4-5 stars. It just drips with cool-factor, and the rates are the same as "equivalent" rooms at the chain hotels a mile or two outside of town. Meanwhile, this hotel sits in the center of the town's cultural district, and right on the riverbank of the Ohio. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G is within walking distance of this hotel, so after we park our bikes at the end of the day's group ride, we can leave the bike/car/truck keys on a table near the bed and immerse ourselves in all this city has to offer. There is a 77-space dedicated private lot for the hotel, and free and unrestricted parking on both Post St beside the hotel, and in two public lots with a combined 60 spaces on West Ohio St and Ohio St adjacent to the hotel. I have also been in contact with the city, and they will closing Post St ( adjacent to the hotel ) to all traffic and let us use it Just for trailers.
There's lots of other hotels all within a mile or two on the same drag on Rt 7 if you wish to stay elsewhere, but you'll miss out entirely on the "Park & Walk" convenience the Lafayette has to offer - not to mention it's "cool factor".

There are incredible biking roads that sprout out in all directions from Marietta like spokes on a wheel. Foremost of those in notoriety is Ohio Route 555, known as the "TRIPLE NICKEL". This road is on about every published "Top Ten" list of U.S. motorcycling roads. Before this rally is over, you might find some of the other "unknown" roads in this area to be either it's equal, or even superior!
While we will be based in Marietta Ohio, two days will be spent across the river riding in West Virginia. Some routes I have compiled ( still needing recon & refinement ) are -
*********Marietta to Zanesville & back to Marietta https://goo.gl/maps/SgLLichJFvH2 ( featuring Ohio Rt 555 and eating at Mac's Sports Bar @ Eagle Golf Course in Zanesville )
********** Marietta to Malaga to Marietta ( featuring OH 260, OH 7 & OH 556 ) https://goo.gl/maps/wPA2RNCZgyT2 , eating at Woodfield OH
********** Marietta to Ashton to Woodsfield to Marietta ( featuring Ohio Rt-26, eating at Lori's in Caldwell, OH ) https://goo.gl/maps/abcTBEeKqY22
********** Marietta to Glenville, WV to Marietta https://goo.gl/maps/kFVu5L4FvoL2 ( featuring WV Rt-47 & WV Rt-18 and eating at Smokehouse BBQ in Glenville WV )

There are some serious roads involved here. Being able to ride from your house to a bar @ 70mph on the highway without stalling your bike means nothing here. This is not the type of riding that city folk or "flat-landers" are accustomed to. You need to be able to downshift quickly when hill-climbs quickly get steep. You need to be smart enough to know that when you are riding on pavement that undulates like ocean waves that when you crest the next wave, a semi-blind turn may be waiting for you. You need to know that when descending a hill before a sharp turn at the bottom that your braking must all be done BEFORE the turn. IF YOU ARE A BEGINNING RIDER, OR KNOW YOU ARE A WEAK RIDER, THIS RALLY MIGHT NOT BE FOR YOU. There are a number of 10-16 degree grades ( 6+ degree grades are the type of roads that ask trucks to "stay in low gear" ) on these roads with low-speed "switchback turns" crossing the ridges. You don't need to be an expert or a stunt-rider to negotiate these roads, but a weak rider or beginner would be best skipping these rides. Give an honest assessment of your own skill level before you decide to show up. If you attend and decide half-way through a ride that you're in over your head, it's unfair to my Ride Captains to have one of them abandon the rest of the ride and escort you back separately. AGAIN, if you are a weak or beginning rider - either stay home, or come to meet and hang with us at night, but ride on your own when our group rides go out for the day.

There is no registration/admission fee. If you want to hang/ride with the Group all day/night/week - that's fine. If you want to go your own way for a day or night ( or all week for that matter ), that's fine too. I will provide material with information on all things to do in the area NOT on our agenda, so that you can use your free time well, or even free-lance for a day(s) apart from the group.I have accumulated countless maps, booklets & brochures on area attractions, tours ( if applicable ), hours and rates ( if any ). I will have a copy of each of these brochures available for EACH OF YOU! I also have started a database of eateries in the area/region for you all also. Being as how this is as unofficial as an event as can be, all I'm doing is providing us a mutual targeted area within which we can ride together, leading a daily group ride ( which you can join if you wish ) and also doing my best Julie McCoy to be your Love Boat tour guide to the local scenery, attractions and eats. Just show up and ACT and RIDE like a responsible adult and have some fun!

I will lead the "main group ride" each day ( I'm facing double-knee replacement someday soon, and rainy days increase the pain factor 4x, but if I have to lead through the rain in my KIA Hampster-car I will... ). Weather permitting, there will be a group ride all 4 days - Mon-Thurs heading out by 9am or 9:30am. These rides will be around 140-160 miles, with 3-4 hrs of "seat time". As mentioned already, I could care less if you want to join in on it, or go out on your own ( I will have other self-guided routes for you to pick from with detailed directions/ mileage/ etc... ). If you want to ride "hard", you're probably better staying home. There are other rallies for you. Too many rallies have major accidents. We don't need any of that here.
I plan on riding the SPEED LIMIT - and no more. If I go over it, or miss a speed-reduction sign, whoever's behind me will slow down, and I'll back-up to the group. Those that prefer an even slower pace, stay towards the back of the pack. If our "Slinky" of bikes gets stretched out too far, I will periodically slow-down or stop to get us all regrouped. We will always have people spaced throughout the pack AND riding tail-gunner at the very back with wristband direction cards that should be able to keep us on-route and together as long as we don't break ranks. I will also hand out long-hand written directions to get you back to the hotel from any point on the ride if you chose to leave the pack, so no one ever needs to stay in the pack if uncomfortable. If someone is tailgating you, wave at them to have them back off,. If they don't, I'll end the ride right there, and the tailgaiter can deal with me. Nothing is more important than our riding safely. I urge you all to ride so well spaced apart that your gap would work if you were riding SINGLE-FILE . Riding staggered and tight as some do is pretty, but it's also pretty stupid! Instead, I ask you all to ride like this;
Ride "staggered" as far as alternating left-right sides of the lane, but keep enough distance in front and behind you that you would if you were riding single file. This way, if road hazards require you to instantly convert to single-file straight-line riding, there's plenty of room to accommodate it. In other words, keep double the normal distance in front and in back of you throughout the ride! When we are "assembling" at a Red Light or a Stop sign, or possibly stopped on the roadside, it's OK to gather in normal gaps, so that when we go to pull out we will have a better chance of being able to pull out as a group - otherwise let's keep a huge cushion of space all around.

Plan on never going over 60 mph, regardless of the speed limit. Other rallies you may have gone to push 70 or more in a 55 zone. If you want to ride like that, don't come here. I'm not going to push the least experienced riders.
Keep in mind that a group cannot in good conscience ride faster than the least experienced or skilled rider's limitations. Life is short, and I'm deep into the "back-nine" health-wise already. Besides, this is a V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!
Relax and soak in the beauty of this wonderful area. Many of you have never before, and will never again, be able experience these roads, and the wonderful scenery. Soak it in so that you can remember it...

Also, do your best to get your bike in tip-top shape a good month before you come! We lost out on a few riders last time around that tried to dust the winter cobwebs off 3 days before the event only to find out they were screwed and couldn't make the event. Same goes for regularly scheduled maintenance. A bike that goes out on one of our rides with tires as bald as my scalp is more likely to acquire a puncture or washout on a wet turn, endangering not only yourself, but others as well. If you have an old battery that could be on it's last legs, or spark plugs from the days of the G.W.Bush Administration, install new stuff before you head this way for the trip. If your bike has a fluid leak or bad ignition miss, address it before you come. If your clutch is slipping, or your brakes are well worn, fix it before you come. We'll be riding in isolated areas with few WalMarts or Auto Zones on the roadside to find you even common parts ( let alone a bike shop! ). If your bike craps its pants needlessly on a run, it could spoil the day for both you and whoever stays with you to try to fix it, or worse yet whoever has to go back from as far away as 90 miles to fetch a trailer and then tow you back A-N-O-T-H-E-R 90 miles to our base. Like the bumper sticker sez, "Poop Happens", but don't let it be due to things that could be foreseen if at all possible. If you are not willing to address KNOWN or LIKELY issues with your bike's reliability before you come, stay home.

This is NOT a "Poker Run" from bar-to-bar where people drink at each stop. This is about enjoying a nice ride each day, taking in the scenery, and seeing a chain of the most beautiful bikes ever made in front and back of you. If you want to drink ( or otherwise be DUI ) while on a group ride, go to another rally. The roads we're going to be on are sometimes challenging, and you need to be alert and on top of your game. If you want to drink after your bikes are parked for the night, that's your decision. Just limit it to where you will be sober and sharp for the next morning's ride, or skip it.

These rides will all take us to, or across, the West Virginia border. The days that we go into West Virginia, you will need a D.O.T. or SNELL approved helmet for their state laws.


I've been checking out some good spots in town to gather at night after riding to eat  drink and tell lies at ( by BEING THERE on reconnaissance missions - not just googling "Trip Advisor" ). This next link shows a map of eateries downtown; https://goo.gl/maps/PD1QSTmk8Vu rlz=1CAHPZS_enUS687US687&q=marietta+restaurants&npsic=0&rflfq=1&rlha=0&rllag=39412674,-81447624,540&tbm=lcl&ved=0ahUKEwjw7c_z5MHVAhUC2yYKHbjXDzkQtgMIKg&tbs=lrf:!2m1!1e2!2m1!1e5!2m1!1e1!2m1!1e3!3sIAE,lf:1,lf_ui:9&rldoc=1#rlfi=hd:;si:;mv:!1m3!1d16344.571636332095!2d-81.43517772036131!3d39.40897812327588!3m2!1i946!2i509!4f13.1

Of these restaurants/pubs, there are a few that stand out in regards to recommendations. All are with-in walking distance of our hotel ( even with my bad knees ).
They are;
* The Marietta Brewing Company -
* Over the Moon Pizza http://www.moonpizza.net/
* Boathouse BBQ - https://www.facebook.com/boathousebbq/
* River Front Bar & Grill ( in our hotel )
* The Galley - https://www.facebook.com/thegalleymarietta/
* The Buckley House - http://bhrestaurant.com/
* Austyns https://www.austyns.com/
* River Town Grill http://www.rivertowngrill.com/
* Spagna's - https://www.facebook.com/Spagnas-190249064478022/
* The Gun Room - ( in our hotel ) http://www.lafayettehotel.com/gun-room/
* The Harmar Tavern - https://www.facebook.com/HarmarTavern/


I have also charted the town's sternwheeler ship ( old-school paddleboat  ), the "Valley Gem"  for an exclusive group ride for us.
I am exploring cool & quirky attractions within a 60-70 mile radius for us to be able to see. Any of you that have suggestions, please send 'em to me!
For one thing, there are a TON of covered bridges in Southeastern Ohio -https://www.coveredbridgemap.com/oh/
And yes, there is also within 1 mile's distance the Pioneer Mini Golf, so I see another Hole-In-One "AceHole Trophy" competition possibly in our future. https://goo.gl/maps/LuP5wL3AbGR2

Send any questions to me @ LARCAR3@hotmail.com
Hope to see you here!

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