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Good morning,
I have a quick question. I am looking to install an aftermarket faring on my 1999 drifter. Any recommend brands that will fit? I know the Vulcan classic and the drifter have the same forks, but the classic has only one headlight? My drifter has three. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you

Take a look here:

OR Seedman:
Vector makes a fairing that will work with some modifications to the mounting brackets.  I have one on my 1500.  I had to swap the top of the triple tree out to a classic one (for the two mounting holes needed in the front).  Also, I had to re-drill the mounting holes on the brackets attached to the fairing to have it sit lower...the stock mounting holes on the brackets sit the fairing up about 1.5 inches too it has to be lowered and also moved back about 1" to accommodate the lights on the oem light bag....I just mounted a Fire & Steel lightbar last week (for a Vulcan Nomad).  bolted right on..but it has the shallow spotlights and they barely clear the fairing, even after moving it back as far as possible..

that being said, I went on a long ride this past weekend and nothing beats a batwing for stability and blocking the wind...way better than a regular windshield...

Tsukayu also makes can get it custom painted to match your bike....but the cost is $$$


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