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Hey all,
I'm looking for my first dream bike, Vulcan drifter 1500
I live in West Virginia but spend quite a bit of time in Florida. (space coast). I'm looking for something inexpensive at first. Something I can learn on and tinker with before moving up to something really nice. Anybody know of something?

I'd suggest joining the forum and checking out the Bikes For Sale section.  A nice old '99 1500 just went up for sale 2 days ago in there for $3400.....ya can't beat that!

   Ben not sure of your statement but once you find a Drifter that you like you will not have to keep looking for anything better because there is nothing better.
   Find a Drifter with all the goodies you want, because trust me the goodies are getting harder and harder to find
Have fun and enjoy the ride

You could buy an 800 Drifter, just to start on...
And then, after ridin' until you'll feel that you've had enough, upgrade to a 1500 Drifter.
In my case, I'm ridin' my 800 since 1999 and I still do not have enough!!! ;)

Goosberrie, that Drifter together with its sidecar are awesome!
I wish I had enough money to buy it and have it delivered at my door...


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