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Apes on a 1500 Drifter


I would like to put a 12 in ape on a 1500 drifter(bring the bars up to ease my old back!) Will the existing wire/cables work or do I need to change it all make it work?


I believe they will with 12 inch. Register and look at the mods section of the forum, or go to the appropriate area and ask the guys... several have done this mod.

You may be able to use risers to get the existing bars up, instead of having to go ape, unlees you really like the apes.

I have Phat II risers on my 1500, with the original cables.

What GB said...

I had a look at bars and risers and used the Phat II's instead of replacing the bars.

If you register you will have access to several mods and tips associated with this subject... check the Articles or Links from the top nav bar. I don't know if you can get in there as a guest.


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