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Finally buying one


I've been thinking for years of buying a Drifter, and now I've committed to buying a 1500 (maybe I SHOULD be committed, but you'll have to talk that over with my wife).  The one I'm buying does not have the factory 2-up seat, or luggage racks, or saddle bags; I'd like to get all those.  Where can I find those items?  Just watch eBay and hope I catch them as they come up?  Thanks.  If anyone out there has any/all of those items and you're looking to sell, please let me know.

Can I buy your solo seat Please :)

Steve, welcome to the forum.

Besides Ebay, there are seats on this forum from time to time.  Corbin still makes them brand-new and you can buy from them.  Then there are several Drifter-related facebook pages out there, that could have stuff for sale.

It may, however, be easier to find the right bike with some of the stuff you want already on it.

Hello Steve,

--- Quote ---The one I'm buying does not have the factory 2-up seat
--- End quote ---
I hear the 1500 model did not always come with two up saddle. Perhaps it has a different setup and some-one can tell you more about it. I was thinking about the ears on each side for the Allen heads, the hole for the bolt on the back to go trough and possibly the catcher on the fuel tank. Alfred

Drifters only came with two up seats for 2 years. They sold them as add-on accessories for a while. Register and you will have access to a lot of information about the various seats and a lot of additional resources.


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