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Some things to remember: UPDATED: 11/02/2021 - updated links and member level info.

1. Membership levels

You are a GUEST until you register and login. Guests can do limited things on the site, and many boards are not visible.

Once you register and login you become a CITIZEN.  Again there are limitations on where you can to and what you can do. Some boards may not be visible.

After you post a couple of posts, you become a PROSPECT. More access and abilities are automatically provided.

Subsequently, you become a member and so on with additional privileges, etc.

Name Stars Required Posts
Citizen none Upon Registration
Prospect * 1
Member ** 15
Rider *** 50
Sr. Member **** 250
Staff ***** 500
Sr Staff ****** 3000
Other levels are assigned using factors other than posts.

These are usually based upon subscriptions and participation.

  • Supporting Member- *-contributions - funds/goods/special activities etc. - Subscription: $10/yr
  • Wingman - ** -contributions - funds/goods/special activities etc. - Subscribe: $50/yr
  • Master-At-Arms - ***  -contributions - funds/goods/special activities etc. - Subscribe: $100/2yr
  • Life Member - **** -contributions - funds/goods/special activities etc. - Subscribe: $200/20yr
  • Founder - ***** -contributions - funds/goods/special activities etc. - Subscribe: $500/20yr
  • Original - ******-one of the first 100 members
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