Classifieds - Update


September 16, 2014

We've modified the CLASSIFIEDS listings.

Now we can handle both listings and auctions.

1) If you want to sell something with a fixed price add a LISTING

2) If you want to sell something at BEST OFFER/Auction - add an AUCTION.

3) If you have a PAYPAL account you can put that email address in the posting to get paid immediately.

4) All listings will expire 30 days after posting, so you will need to come back and renew.

5) There are no costs for listings but we will charge a small fee for upgrades/featured/etc. This will go to supporting the board.

6) Please always have a picture available.

7) I have ported most of the existing active sale items. If you want to make changes to these let me know and you can relist with you as the owner which will allow you to make future changes.

8) DO NOT POST NEW LISTING ON THE FORUM IN THE OLD SPOTS. Any listing or auction you list will AUTOMATICALLY appear in the old categories. You can comment etc there. Though commenting in the classifieds area is probably best.

Yell if you have any problems. We think this will help keep things fresh and moving.


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