Fork Mod - Progressive Spring and Fork Drain and Fill


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EDITOR NOTE: This is for a Drifter 800, but would be the same for the 1500 except for oil level and amount.




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Now it's time to put your shock together.  Put in the recommended amount of oil from the manual.  A little too much is OK, you will adjust the level next.  I put in 1 ½ cups of AW 32 hydraulic oil.  This is SAE 10 weight.  Pump the shock several times to make sure the oil is circulated.   

Next measure the correct HEIGHT of oil.  This is the precise measurement.  It is measured from the top of the shock to the oil, with the shock compressed all the way.  I used a shock level gauge, but you could use anything you can think of to measure how far down the oil level. Spec is 280 +/- 2 MM for 800, and 169 +/- 2 MM for the 1500. To use the gauge, set the gauge height and put the nozzle down in the shock tube, and suck out any extra oil.  When you get air, you're done.
The next step is to put in the springs, followed by washers, then the spacers.  The instructions say for a 1500, cut the spacers at 3 ½ inches (remember my kit was for a 1500), but there were no instructions for the 800.  Through an email, Progressive said to cut them even with the top of the tube.   So I measured and marked them that way, and they actually came out 3 ½ inches.  Imagine that.  Note, these are about ½” shorter than the stock spacers, giving me ½ LESS preload.  I thought this is probably fine, since they are heavier springs anyway.
Once the spacers are cut, this is how everything goes together.  The instructions say it doesn't matter which way the spring goes in, but narrow coils to the bottom is most common and could result in less spring noise (?) so that's how I put them in. 
Next the washer, then the spacer.
The cap goes on top, then you compress it and put in the snap ring.  Put the chrome cap on last.
Now it's ready to put back together.  Slide the fork leg into the triple-tree clamps, and tighten to the proper torque specs.  The top and bottom bolts are different sizes so they have different specs.

Put the fender, wheel, and all the other stuff back on, after you have cleaned it of course. ;D

Before you go ride make sure you double check everything to make sure it's installed correctly and tightened. 

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