Passenger Floorboard Adapters

- Sledhead (Delphi Vulcan Drifter Forum)

Universal floorboards which are clamp mounted onto various engine guards etc can be used as passenger floorboards on a 1500 Drifter. Sledhead has provided us with the following mod.

My passenger floorboards are universals from JC Whitney made to clamp to round tubing. As you can see from the photos, I made an adapter from 1" X 1/4" X 4" aluminum bar which made mounting easy.

You can buy the 1' x 1/4" x 4" aluminum bar stock at any metal supply/welding shop, etc. Other than drilling holes to mount bar to the bike and the floor board to the bar, you'll need to file radii on the inner edges, end and corners of the first 1" as the inner edges of the slot it fits in has filleted corners. I also used rubbing compound to polish the bar stock.

Floorboard 1

Floorboard 2

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