Installing Fender Light.

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Here are the instructions for installing a reproduction Indian headdress light on the Front fender.
It's kind of lengthy. Please excuse any spelling errors.

Here is complete instructions, Thanks to Narcosiss

  1. Secure your motorcycle lift slightly forward of normal so it will lift the front evenly off the ground. If you lift the whole bike off the ground and suddenly drop the front wheel it could cause an imbalance. Jack up the bike until the front tire almost lifts off the ground.

  2. Place the light on the fender where you think it will look best and mark the fender at the edges with a dry erase marker like you would use on a white board.

  3. Remove the side panel on the left side of the fender by taking out the two phillips screws.

  4. Remove the two bolts that hold the brake assembly in place. I had to also remove the lower fender bolt on the left fork for the brake to move easily.

  5. Slide the brake to the rear and angle the bottom up. This should give you the clearance needed to gently lift the brake assembly away from the wheel. Hand it on the frame with a wire tie.

  6. Mark where the speedometer cable comes in contact with the fender on the right side with a piece of painter's masking tape. Unscrew the speedometer cable.

  7. Loosed the allen head bolt that faces forward on the right fork.

  8. Remove the axle nut from the left side of the axle.

  9. Slide the axle out to the right to free the wheel.

  10. Jack the bike up until the wheel will clear the fender and roll it out of the way. DO NOT LAY IT ON THE SIDE THE BRAKE ROTOR IS ON AS THIS WILL WARP THE ROTOR.

  11. Remove the two upper fender bolts on each side and the lower single bolt on each side. Hold the fender in place while removing the last bolt.

  12. Gently lower the fender until it will lift out from between the forks. Be careful not to rub your dry erase marker marks off.

  13. Place a 2" wide by about 9" long piece of painter's masking tape on the fender where the light will be. Painter's masking tape is blue. It is designed to be put on and removed without leaving residue.

  14. Measure across the fender from crease to crease. Divide by two and mark the center. Measure each way to make sure you have it right. Do this again in several places.

  15. Lay a flexible steel measuring tape along the fender on your center marks so you can draw a straight "center line."

  16. Lay the rubber light gasket (that goes between the bottom mounting plate and the fender) on the fender so that it lines up with your original marks and the point on each end and the holes in the middle line up on the center line. Mark each hold and the front and back.

  17. Double check everything.

  18. Carefully drill through the fender with a small bit at the front, wire, and rear holes. I would use a bit just slightly larger than the wire.

  19. Carefully drill through the fender with the correct size bit for the front and rear holes. You will have to angle the drill back and forth to create an oval hole for the bolts to fit through. Test the fit.

  20. If the fit is correct, remove the tape. Put the rubber gasket in place and fit the bottom bracket to the fender (make sure to feed the wire through the fender). Mine fit fine.

  21. Hand tighten the bracket in place using the washer, lock washer and nuts. Test the fit of the top finished piece (the headdress) without the Indian head inside of it.

  22. Note. At this point I noticed my top finished piece fit perfect if the Indian head was not in the housing. When I put the Indian head in place, the top finished piece would not sit flush.

  23. Make a ground wire out of 14G stranded wire that will travel from the rear bolt on the light to the place you marked earlier on the fender where the speedometer cable comes under the fender. Connect the ground wire to the rear bolt on the light. I used crimp fittings.

  24. If the top finished piece sits on the fender fine, carefully tighten the two bolts under the fender. WARNING...If your front bolt is like mine and the same bolt is threaded on the inside for the finished screw and threaded outside to go through the fender, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. I did and broke the bolt. I then had to use a drill press to make a new hole for a second bolt. Luckily there was enough of the bolt left for the inner threads to still be there.

  25. Once the lower bracket is mounted and the upper finished piece fits properly, test the fit with the Indian head in place. If the fit is off, you may need to grind a bit off of the bottom of the Indian head where it comes in contact with the lower mounting bracket on the sides. Do it a little at a time until you get a good fit. You don't want to take too much off because the light will vibrate. I used a Dremel tool with a sanding bit. Once the fit is good, assemble the light. Clean the outside of the fender with a soft cloth to remove the dry erase marker marks.

  26. At this point I held the fender between the forks to see how it looked and temporarily hooked up the wiring to make sure my ground was good and that the light worked.

  27. Remove the fender and set it upside down in something soft. I used a sleeping bag tucked into a beach chair.

  28. Clean the inside of the fender thoroughly.

  29. Connect a 14G stranded wire to the short positive wire sticking through the fender with a crimp fitting. The positive wire and the ground should be long enough to follow the contours of the fender to the point you marked earlier with the painter's tape where the speedometer cable comes under the fender.

  30. Using Goop glue (available at Home Depot...and all the different Goop glues are the same, they're just labled different so you would buy different kinds for different applications) I made a trail of glue along where I wanted the wires to run. The trail of glue only needs to go to within 1" of the lower bracket. Spread that with your fingers to create a smooth trail about 1/2" wide. Coat the two wires with Goop. Carefully press the wire into the glue trail you made. Watch for a while. You may have to press the wires into place a couple of times. When this hardens the wires are permanent fixtures.

  31. Remove the glue from your fingers. Let the fender dry overnight.

  32. Mark your speedometer cable where it disappears under the gas tank. Remove your gas tank so your speedometer cable is free. Cut a piece of 14G stranded wire that will be about three feet longer than your speedometer cable.

  33. Starting at the top where you earlier marked your speedometer cable and leaving about two feet of wire above your starting point, tape the wire to the speedometer cable with black electrical tape and spiral downward. Working downward allows your tape not to have to fight the wind with its edges.

  34. Now that the glue on your fender has dried, cover the bolts, wire hole and wire with silicone caulk for extra protection.

  35. Cut the two wires inside the fender 1" above the lower bracket and install crimped insulated female quick connect fittings.

  36. Hang the fender on the forks.

  37. Holding the speedometer cable in place where it would normally sit against the fender, bend the wire taped to the speedometer cable under the fender and crimp a female insulated quick connect fitting to it. Connect that wire to the positive wire on the Indian head light.

  38. Connect a short ground wire to the right lower fender bolt and bend that wire under the fender. Crimp an insulated female quick connect to this wire. Connect that to the ground wire glued inside your fender.

  39. Test your wiring.

  40. Run the two feet of loose wire (at the top of the speedometer cable) along or inside the main wire loom into the head lamp. Connect that positive wire to the positive wire of either running light.

  41. Turn on your key to see if the lamp comes on. If it does, put your tank back on.

  42. Reattach the front wheel in the reverse order from which you removed it. Be careful and make sure the speedometer housing on the wheel lines up correctly. The left axle nut tightens to 80 ft/lbs while the allen head nut on the right tightens to 25 ft/lbs. Use a torque wrench.

  43. Remove any marking tapes and marks. Clean the bike.

  44. Voila! You have an installed Indian Headdress fender light.

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