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Buttoning up a couple of the left side covers, and the Left Balancer


Engine Rebuild 800 Drifter

I Started with the shift mechanism because I wanted to close up a few of the smaller holes in the left side of the case to keep dirt out of them and diminish the parts pile.

The shift mechanism and shaft slipped together perfectly. I greased the shaft before pushing it through the oil seal on the cover, and installed the cover and shaft as a unit onto the case. I installed the 6mm bolts and torqued them to 95 inch pounds.

I realize now, that I should have taken a photo of the shaft in place with the mechanism. Oops. The only question I had when I saw it in place was whether the mechanism was at the correct level to turn the shift cam. It was pretty obvious that there is only one way for it to go in, and it turns out I was just thinking incorrectly about how the mechanism worked. Duh.

Engine Rebuild 800 Drifter
Engine Rebuild 800 Drifter The final output shaft transmission cover is simple. It's just the cover, a gasket and some 6mm bolts. The surfaces were cleaned, the gasket applied, and the bolts torqued to 95 inch pounds... Except one. One of these bolts felt like it might have stripped a little. I'm not sure what to do about that, or why it would strip out at a mere 95 inch pounds of pressure. - Unless somebody WASN'T tightening to specified torque LAST TIME the engine was apart. I'll have to ask around at the Delphi Drifter Forum about what to do about that one. Engine Rebuild 800 Drifter
Engine Rebuild 800 Drifter

When the dampers for the left balancer finally arrived, I installed the front cylinder's camchain that goes to the left side of the engine. Then I cleaned, oiled and assembled the two pieces of the balancer, with the dampers in place.

Then I took it apart again and found the mark on the balancer that is supposed to match up with the mark on the shaft. As it turns out, the shafts on my engine are marked with paint instead of a dimple. Either way it's important to install this left balancer onto the shaft in the correct position, and I did. I hope.

Engine Rebuild 800 Drifter
Engine Rebuild 800 Drifter
Engine Rebuild 800 Drifter
Engine Rebuild 800 Drifter The bolt and fat washer that hold the balancer on were only put on finger tight because the bolt was too beat up to use, and would need to be replaced. It had to be coated with nonpermanent threadlocking compound and torqued up to 51 foot pounds, but the socket couldn't hold the nut well enough to make that torque. I didn't get a shot of the bolt and washer in place, but it was fairly ugly anyway. Engine Rebuild 800 Drifter

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