Drifter Suicide Shifter




Pictured is an example how all looks when finished..

Here is a brief description of how I did it..

Under the tank is a 13 in piece of threaded rod, on the rod are 2 nuts with corners rounded off. The red nut on plan is welded to the frame.

On the rod there is a rubber hose that is slit and slipped over it so it wont rub any wires.. that's it under the tank....on the right side.

There is a jam nut, shifter, and anchor nut.

The shifter is off a old blazer transfer case(70--80) something. I heated and bent it so it felt right seated on the bike.

On the left side: jam nut,linkage(see plan)and anchor nut. On the other end of this linkage I used a linkage from a 4 speed trans.shifter. ( this linkage is seen in the pics #1219)

Now to hook up the foot shifter. I used a 17 in. piece 3/8 steel rod which ran from the tank linkage to the foot shifter. the left side linkage is 6in long bent at 2 in.

That is it!! confused??

I think after you look at the pics and plan it will make sense. I hope!!

I still want to change the way the foot shifter is hooked up. I plan to drill and tap the back side of the foot shift and thread the linkage right into the shifter.. it will clean it up a bit.

I rode it this way for 2000 miles with no trouble. Now its time to pull it off and powder coat it.


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