Drifter Seats

OEM Saddle

oem two-up

OEM Two-up on a 1500. This seat was OEM on 1999 and 2000 1500 and 800 Drifters only.

1500 - PN 53001-1886-MA

800 - PN 53001-1898-MA

oem solo 800

OEM Solo on 800. This seat was OEM on all 1500's and 800's from 2001 until 2006.

1500 - PN53001-1991-MA

800 - PN 53001-1949-MA

Mustang Covers

- on oem saddles oem Mustang Cover

OEM 2-up with Mustang Cover w/ fringe.

oem mustang no fringe

OEM 2-up with Mustang cover - no fringe.



Kawasaki Fire & Steel Saddles

Kaw Corbin 800


After 2000, Kawasaki sold 4 versions of this seat. This is a Corbin seat using Kawasaki pans and was covered by Corbin in vinyl. Besides the black 1500 and 800 versions there were also tan versions. These were sold by Kawasaki as an aftermarket upgrade. The seat also came without fringe. (No longer available from Kawasaki)


  • K53001-059 - Plain
  • K53001-060 - Studded


  • K53001-023 - Plain
  • K53001-022 - Studded

Solo Version

  • K53001-016 - Black, Plain
  • K53001-017 - Black, Studded
  • K53001-018 - Tan, Plain
  • k53001-019 - Tan, Studded


Kaw Corbin

This is the Tan version of the above Kawasaki sold Corbin saddle.

No Longer Available from Kawasaki.


Corbin Solo

This is a Corbin solo for an 800.


This is the underside of the above seat.


corbin 2

Corbin solo for 800 - no studs.


corbin solo 1500

This is the Corbin solo saddle for the 1500. As with all Corbins this seat could be made from many different color and types of leather.


The seat on the left is a Corbin seat purchased from Corbin. The seat on the right is a seat covered by Corbin on Kawasaki pan and sold as an aftermarket accessory by Kawasaki, and labeled by them as a Corbin.

Corbin brown 2up 1500

This is a Corbin 2-up in brown leather with studs and fringe. This one is on a 1500.



Travel Horse

This is a Travel Horse (now defunct) solo sold for both the 1500 and 800.

Travel Horse is no longer in business.

Travhorse brown travhorse

This is the brown version of the Travel Horse seat.


HL 2-up

This is a two up saddle made by Travel Horse (now defunct).


heathers leathers

Heather's Leather chummie saddle

Heathers Leather

Heather's solo.


Heathers Leathers

Another Heather's Leathers seat.



Singh's Saddles

02/26/2016 - Members routinely report difficulty contacting this company.

Singh Saddles

Example of custom seat made by Singh's Saddles.


American Dream

American Dream

A new source for Drifter saddles - American Dreams in Japan.


American Dream

American Dream Japan.


American Dream

American Dream Japan.


American Dream

If you have a seat not shown, or find any errors on this page please let us know. We'd also like pics of your seat including the bottom of the pan.

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