Drag Specialties Tachometer

- Courtesy of Al London

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  1. Get handlebar mounting clamp which should be ordered with tachometer.

  2. Install clamp at a convenient point on the handlebars and attach "Y" bracket that came with tach to both the tach and the handlebar clamp.

  3. Run wire from tach through existing chrome wire supports on frame and have the tach wire follow the other wires along the top left side of the frame.

  4. Remove seat

  5. Remove dash and undo the speedo cable. Find the three plugs attaching the speedo wiring harness to the bike wiring harness detach them - don't worry, they are all different and cannot be interchanged.

  6. Remove speedo cluster

  7. Remove two bolts on gas tank and move tank back as far as you can without undoing hoses.

  8. Prepare tach as follows:

    • Get light gauge wire about same as on tach harness in each of the following 3 colors (red, black, green) You need less than a foot of each except the red which will require a foot of wire. You will also need to use shrinkwrap tubing over each joint.

    • Strip and solder about six inches of black wire to the black wire in the tach harness cover with shrinkwrap tubing.

    • Strip solder the blue wire and the red wires together and solder about a foot of red wire to this junction and cover with shrinkwrap tubing.

    • Stip and solder about six inches of green wire to the green wire in the tach harness and cover with shrinkwrap tubing.

    • You need an assortment of crimp on terminals and for me they were as follows:
      • On the black wire use a flat male spade connector
      • On the Red wire use a wire splicing connector (all depends where you pick up you switched hot line)
      • On the Green wire you need a "multistack disconnect" connector. I got all the connectors at a Boat US store. This connector has bot a female and male spade connector along with a place for the crimp on.

  9. Once all the connectors are attached you need to attach them to various points on the bike.

    • The black wire goes to the ground connector that Kawasaki has provided under the speedo.

    • The red wire I tapped into the neutral safety lamp tan wire. This gives me my switched hot line.

    • The green wire - Aahh - the green wire. There are two coils on this bike. It does not matter which coil you choose. I chose the left side - it was easier to reach for my fat fingers.

      • On the coils/igniters you will have the sparkplug wires coming in the front end and the smaller electrical spade connectors coming in the rear. On my bike the top connector had a black wire coming out if it. This is the negative side of the coil and the you need to separate the connector at the coil. This will leave you a male spade at the coil and a female spade on the wire you just removed from the coil. Attach the female spade to the "multistack disconnect" on the green wire and then attach this whole mess back to the coil.

  10. Reattach the speedo, 3 connectors, and dash.

  11. Start her up.

If you did everything correctly - nothing embarrassing will happen. The bike should start, the tach should tach, and you should have no parts left over.

Just take time and think it through. 3 connections - green negative side of coil, blue(light) & Red (power) together to a switched power source, and black to ground.

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