Saddlebag Bracket Adaptors for the Corbin Solo (KD8-S) on a Drifter 800

- John "JustDrifting" Bossom - VDR#559


Well, I successfully made a couple of U shaped brackets that permit me to bolt Osprey brackets through my Corbin (solo) seat (for the 800)without drilling through the seat!

Basically made some U-brackets that allow me to avoid drilling holes in the Corbin solo saddle. This could be used with either the Metric Cruisers brackets or the Osprey bracakets (which I now have)...

The pics are pretty well self describing.

I found some zinc plated 5" U-bolt plates at Rona (much like Home Depot). The predrilled holes in these plates are the exact same shape and size as that in the Osprey brackets!)

corbin solo

I then bought a 3" vice and a small heavy metal mallet.

corbin solo

This is all I needed in order to bend the plates into the shape shown below.

osprey bracket

After mocking up the shape needed with some pliable tin, I banged the plates into the same shape in the vice and mounted them on the front frame holes.


Remove the side panels from your drifter. Hang the plates from the front holes using some bolts (so that they hand loose) and then slip the Corbin over top of them

Swing the bottom of the plate forward until it is perpendicular with the edge of the seat and then using a nail score a line across the plate. This line will be the bend point. when you put the plate in the vise to bend it at 90 degrees. Remount the plates and then figure out where the second bend should be.

* Make sure you have enough clearance as to not interfere with the side panels.


After bolting it all up with brackets installed, it is definitely solid.

You will need extra long bolts for the back with a spacer in order to get the saddlebags to line up parallet to the bike. I used about 20 washers and subsequently used large shrink-tube to hold them all together.


I used carriage bolts, with the smooth head facing the sides of the Corbin, so as to not scratch them up for mounting the fabricated brackets to the frame.




- Drifter 800

- Corbin Solo saddle and Ospreys saddle bags



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