Avoiding Tank Removal for Coolant Change process.

- Rick (RickAlloway)

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Here goes with the short cut, too easy to say it was original but no one else has mentioned it before. Avoids Tank Removal for Coolant Change process.

I have a scrap piece of plywood, 3/4" Th. x 1 & 5/8" W. x 18 & 1/2" Lg., I'm sure something close to that size would do but I would have about that length and strong enough to hold the tank with fuel.

Take an old hand towel or half a polishing towel and wrap the board in it, Throw on a couple rubber bands to keep the towel in place. (Fig 1 and 2.)

Figure 1Figure 2


Now you are ready to continue the job of draining, flushing & refilling your radiator. You should not only be able to see the radiator cap and bleed valve, but should also have access to them to accomplish this job. Yes I did flush my radiator & run the motor to circulate the flush with the tank in the raised position. I had no problem with this method but it is on each individual to decide if this is for them or not.

With the drain, flush, refill and bleeding out any air in the system complete, ( you did retighten that upper air bleed valve, didn't you ) you are ready to remove the board and rebolt the tank. Double check your fuel lines to be sure all are still well in place on the tank. The last thing anyone needs is a leaky fuel line as you motor down the highway.

Hope this helps some folks out, I find it easier than removing the tank for minor maintenance.