Classic Shaft Cover on a Drifter



Yes it will work but you have to do some trimming. You need to cut a notch in the cover to allow for the wiring junction cover mount. Then you will need to trim about a quarter inch off the rear (small) end of it.

Use a heavy piece of masking tape in the area you are going to make your cuts. Then you can layout the cut, using a marker just where you want to cut. By doing this you also reduce the possible chipping of the chrome.

You can also do a test fit before cutting the notch, by turning the cover down to or over the ridge running along the bottom of the drive shaft. Push the chrome cover up under the rubber boot and check the length for fit at the start of the rear hub.

Mine went in okay so I would guess yours will too. Then you are also inplace to start your mark up on the taped area. From there measure and mark the depth, if you want to cut it out or as you wrote figure a bend point. (Rick)

Use a dremmel tool witha cut off wheel for the notch. Measure about 3 times and keep on trimming off a little at a time until it fits. (Drftrr)

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Shaft Pic - (ROK)