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Wanted to add spotlites to my "new" 01/800 . The Vulcan drill mod seemed to cover up the front signals so I extended the front signals out.


I used a piece of top chain link fence rail 11/4" diam.

Cut it 2" long with a pipe cutter, and squeezed it slightly in the vice to oval it. You have to cut a slot in the bottom to later get a 14mm box end wrench in.


Weld a bolt to a washer for the mount to the fork side with a small hole for a bolt to stop it from turning.

Weld in the washer and another on the other side for the signal. A rubber washer, bolt it up, attach a piece of flat stock for the spot lite.


I'm not sure what the finish will be so I wrapped it in silver "duct" tape to see what chrome would look like, or go black like the signal mount.

Cost $ 45.00 for the two lites, the rest just scrap lying around.


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