Install Rear Bumper Covers

- Randallks (Dephi Drifter Riders Forum)


Here's a nice easy mod.

I bought a set of Drifter rear "bumper covers" about a year and a half ago. The 2001 and up models have them and I like the look - plus they cover up the welds on the rear fender stay which always bothered me a bit.

The problem is mounting them. The 2001 and later fender stay has a set of flanges welded on that have two holes each, which in turn are used to attach the bumper covers. The '99 and '00 fender stay does not have these flanges.

First, buy the bumpers from any OEM source. They're relatively cheap at about $18 each. These parts are plastic with a thin coat of chrome. Owning a Drifter with the blackout hardware has created a whole new universe of anti-chrome for me, so the next step was to paint.

Part No. for bumpers: are 14091-1291 and 14091-1293

Rough up the chrome a bit with some sandpaper. Then a few coats of self-etching primer, a few coats of the ol' rattlecan Krylon black and Krylon clear coat. Let the parts sit for a few days to allow the paint to fully cure. If you are satisfied with the results you can mount them as they are, however, I wanted the finish to look good, so I wet sanded with 2000 grade sandpaper and polished the hell out of them with Turtle Wax polishing cream and Color Magic black polish. It was worth the extra effort to get that "black mirror" finish look. This part of the process was 95% of the work.

Next, you'll need the following:

  1. 4 zip ties.
  2. 8 zip tie 1" square adhesive mounts.
  3. A box of plastic Chrysler trim retainers.

You can get this stuff from your local Pep Boys or Auto Zone. Total cost: $10. Everything is black plastic so there is no need for additional painting.

Place 4 mounts inside each bumper. There is some very minor trimming required to make them fit. Takes about 2 minutes to do. Add a drop of glue to the back of each if you're concerned about the mount adhesive coming loose.

Next, press in your Chrysler trim retainers. No mod required. They are ribbed and hold themselves in. No inner nut is required. These simply cover up the two holes in each bumper nicely.

Weather Strip Retainers - Chrysler

Now take your zip ties and loop them through the mounts. See the pic below for how it looks.

Bumpers and wire ties

Take your bumpers, put 'em on the fender stay, fasten the ties nice and snug so they don't rattle around and trim the ends.

Installed bumpers

Done. Amaze your friends with your ingenuity. The great thing is that absolutely no permanent alteration is needed to get this done.


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