Nice Bike Dude! What is it?

Ok, we all have our stories… some guy pulls up at a redlight and drools over your shiny big fendered Drifter. “Nice Indian, Duuudee!”, he yells over the death rattle of his ragged 72 Ford pickup.

“Not an Indian…”, you shout back. He just grins back at you… “Vulcan Drifter… Kawasaki…”

He looks at you blankly, never losing the cigarette stained grin.

“Really nice Indian,” he shouts after you as you pull away when the light changes. 


Cruising down the rural road… tunes playing… rumble of the pipes… sunshine… then a SCREAM, TWO SCREAMS… you almost jump outta your skin and jerk your head to see what is causing the hellacious racket. There on a small deck next to a pool are two not too young, not too old, not too bad-looking, half naked young ladies jumping up and down screaming… “Give me a ride on your Harley!”… Oh, well – I can pretend its a Harley for a few minutes… <LOL>

So, What’s your story.