Speed Clean Plastic Cleaner Protector

This is a cleaner and protector for plastics and lexan. A recent webbikeworld review and test indicated it works well on windshields. VDR will be conducting our own test shortly.

Just spray it on, let it work, and gently wipe off with a soft cloth. The surface is clean, protected and will be even easier to clean the next time! Now you can safely Clean and protect just about anything in your life that gets messy.

Plastic surfaces are found everywhere. Kitchens, office, autos, watercraft, aircraft, motorcycles, computers, watches, the list goes on. You will simply love this cleaning product, it works well on just about anything you can clean!

Speed Clean works wonders on outdoor plastic furniture, it cannot harm the surface like other cleaners that use citrus or ammonia in their formulas that can strip off the original finish. Once you clean the surface,

?Speed Clean? leaves an invisible velvety smooth surface that helps dust and dirt from sticking to it. Cleaned surfaces will be static & dust free for weeks, and everything will be even easier to clean the next time.

Try this simple experiment on your item that needs cleaning–clean one half using your current cleaner and the clean the other half with ?Speed Clean?. Just spray it on, let it work, and then use a soft cloth to wipe it off. Not only is it clean, it will feel velvety smooth on your hand (hint; Never use paper towels to clean, they can Scratch!) you will soon notice that as the other side get dirty and starts showing fingerprints, the ?Speed Clean? side will be noticeably cleaner!

Speed Clean Plastic Cleaner Protector – webBikeWorld.