Inserting DynaBeads to balance a tire.

Instructional video detailing how to efficiently transfer or install DynaBeads into a motorcycle or scooter tire. DynaBeads are an excellent product and enable motorcycles and scooters to ride with perfectly balanced tires without weights. This video shows how to make a bead holder and a funnel using just two pieces of paper and some tape. Once done, you can remove the valve core and install the beads quickly. This seems to be a far better way to install them than other methods described so far. See to purchase. Shameless promotion for video author: see to preserve varnish, paint, or other leftovers that are sensitive to oxygen or moisture.

Author: Thinker9219
Duration: 85
Published: 2010-01-30 19:53:56
Inserting DynaBeads to balance a tire.