Drifter Friendly Wheel Chock

I currently have a Wheeldock chock mounted on my lift table. It is a
very nice chock and worked great on my bikes… other than the Drifter!
They now make a chock designed for an Indian which will likely work with
the Drifter, but that wasn’t the case when I bought mine. SO, instead
of buying another Wheeldock I’ve decided to buy the Condor which will
work on ALL the bikes I own or am likely to own.

The problem with the Wheeldock is the rear clamp. It crabs the tire too high
and pinches the rear of the front fender. Also the Wheeldock has two
uprights in the front which holds the tire. As a result, you HAVE to
measure your front tire and buy a version which will work with that
tire. If you have a skinny tired bike and fat tired bike… two
Wheeldocks would likely be needed… or shims… or something.

This version of the Condor is both a trailer chock and a garage floor
chock. It uses that quick disconnect bracket to easily remove the chock
from trailer to use elsewhere. I’ll likely not use that and bolt it
directly to the lift table. I have a good enclosed trailer… but I use
it for storage nowadays. I have only trailered my bikes 3-4 times in 40
years. I’ll let you know how it turns out.