Tank Badge Removal

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What you need:

I removed the badges on my 2002 soon after I purchased the bike so I could apply my decals.

Removal is pretty easy. The badges are held on with adhesive that needs to be heated a bit to make it pliable. If you use a heat gun be careful and don't over do it. The badges are plastic and will melt, also the surrounding paint may bubble.

After a couple of minutes, take a length of dental floss or fishing line and run it between the badge and the tank at the top of the badge. Pull the line down to effectively slice away the adhesive holding the badge. If its too hard, you might try heating a bit longer.

Likely there will be some adhesive left on the tank. I simply used my thumb and rubbed away most of it. Goo Gone works to get rid of any adhesive remnants.

Take your time and no one will ever know there were badges on the tank.

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