Radiator Flush and Fill

As described by G.L. "Junster" Junster.


Drain is in the bottom of the radiator, Cap is under the speedo.

  1. Pull the hose off the bottom of the overflow tank under the right side cover.
  2. Remove the bottom bolt in the water pump.
  3. Run a hose in the cap for a while to flush it and flush the overflow tank.
  4. I used 50/50 mix be sure to use distilled water.
  5. I used Havoline extended life for GM vehicles. Is approved by GM for their new cars under some very strict guidelines. Has no silicone and is great for aluminum. Cost a little more than regular antifreeze but this isn't where you are going to do any budget balancing right?

GL Junster

800 Drifter - Pics by Joe Cancemi, Jr

Removed radiator cap, speedo cable disconnected.

Disconnected speedo cable under colored wires.

Coolant drain bolt. 2x4 under kickstand to level for drainage.

Hose to suction out overflow tank - but turkey baster worked better.

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