Retro's Air Shock Adjuster

I thought I might share my Idea with you all, and show you what it looks like, and how I did it. It really makes it easy to add and release air when needed and get the exacted presure that you want, at just a touch of a finger.

I installed the electric air compressor in the side panel, and connected it to the air shocks. All I had to do was take out the tool kit and trim off the plastic part that sticks out the middle. Then mount the air compressor to the inside panel and ran the power line to the fuse box, and grounded it. Then I ran the air hoses to the shocks. I did have to make the hoses adapted to the shocks with a Gabriel air shock kit and and a couple of small brass inner threaded sleeves. I mounted the air gauge, power button and air release button on top of the side panel so, all I have to do is push the button, when the keys on, and I get even air pressure in both of the shocks at a touch of a finger. and I can release it just as easy with the button next to it.

Parts needed:

It has one spot left for two other shocks or fittings so I think I may put an air hose adapter so I can just plug in an air hose to it, if I need to fill a tire or something else it would be just as easy.


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