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Add An Outlet To Your Nomad Bag, Windshield or Side Cover

Add to Side Cover (Nomad or Classic - adaptable to Drifter) Original Source Of This Tip Unknown - Vintage Gadget tip.

I've looked at various solutions of mounting a cigarette lighter outlet, but I always felt it was too obvious, and almost obtrusive on the bike. So I found a conspicuous spot and thought to share it with others.

I noticed that the right side cover has some space on the inside. The fuses aren't in the way, so I attached a cable to my battery, put in an inline fuse, and used the Dremel tool to make way for the outlet. Really, there is not much engineering to this one, except proper measuring of the right place to put the plug, otherwise you will have trouble plugging in your accessories as the jack may hit the crash bars around the bags.

For those of you in colder climates, it's a great place to plug in your vest/gloves if you don't want to hard wire. Or simply an outlet for recharging a phone, etc.

I've done this for 2 other friends with a Nomad, and all report great experience with using it.

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Add to Nomad Bag

Thanks to Regor

Mod: Add an accessory plug to saddlebag.
Description: To give the ability to run any object that typically plugs into a 12v cigarette/accessory plug.

Parts Needed:

1-Trailer Wire kit, includes 4' of wire and a quick disconnect (for easy removal of saddlebag) $8
1-Accessory outlet $5
1-Inline Fuse (I used a 7.5amp), the Kaw accessory circuit itself uses a 10amp. $2
Other misc items laying around or items that were in bulk:
Rubber grommets, shrink tubing and connectors (16-14Ga/Cal., 3.99 mm(.157"). This is the male snap terminal that matches the Kaw female accessory terminals located under the seat.

How To:

1. After removal of the drivers seat, take a look at the back of the saddlebag, and decide where you want the plug to run. I choose next to the shock approximately 2 inches down on the bag (see pic).

2. Drill hole through saddlebag(there's no looking back now!) and insert grommet.

3. Cut trailer wire in half between the quick disconnects. Feed one of the wires up past shock, and on top of rear fender, coming out under the seat area, leaving the quick disconnect by the rear shock.

4. Connect the inline fuse to the positive lead, and then connect male snap terminals to both the negative and positive leads.

5. Feed your other wire through the grommet and into your saddlebag, leaving the quick disconnect hanging on the outside.

6. Connect your positive and negative trailer wires to your new accessory outlet.

* Use good electrical connectors and practices. I soldered all my connections and used shrink wrap. I also put final touches on my install by using 3/8 flex tube on all my exposed wires. I left enough play in the wire outside the saddlebag(by the shock) so I could disconnect when needed, but don't leave too much (rear wheel would probably not like a wire hanging down into it). It is a small area, and you still need to remove the bolts for the saddlebag, then disconnect the quick disconnect.


Things You Need

Plug It In

Wire Run

Drill The Hole

From The Inside


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Add To Nomad Windshield Gadget

This is the simplest of them all.   Just purchase a lighter socket (with bracket) at most any automotive store and use one of the windshield frame bolts to attach it.   Wire the lighter to the accessory connections under the left front of your Gas Tank.



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