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  • March 27, 2017, 19:21:40 PM
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M/T - Electrical, Electronics, Horns and Lighting

Title Description Total Links
M - LightingLighting16
M - Battery/Charging SystemBattery Info8

Signal Visors - cheapCame up with a cheap visor solution. *2620
1999-2000 Drifter 1500 Wiring Diagram1999-2000 Drifter 1500 Wiring Diagram. *3520
Automotive Wire & Wiring GuideAutomotive Wire & Wiring Guide from TESSCO - Link to off forum site. 3470
Electrical Fault Finding DiagramHow to Diagnose Electrical System Issues on Motorcycles. PDF File 4450
Head Light Rattle FixesSeveral fixes for the headlight ratte problem noted on many drifter 800 and 1500.2740
Thunder Switch ignition RelocationJoBear's relocation of the ignition switch using the thunder switch. *2860
Ignition RelocationMak's ignition relocation mod. *3100
Rectifier relocationRelocating the rectifier/regular. *2741
Wire and Wiring InformationWire and wiring information for electrical and audio projects.  -Offsite page3690
Speedo Cable Problem FixEarly Drifter speedometers were analog with a cable. Many folks reported broken cables. Here's the info.2340
Install Drag Specialties TachDescription of Drag Specialty Tach install. No pics. *1740
Garmin c550 Vehicle Power Cable ModHow I modded my Garmin c550 vehical cigarette power cord to plug into my motorcycle battery. VIDEO1600
Accessory PowerAccessory Power outlet installation. *3000
Accessory SwitchesAccessory switch information. *2200
Air Horn InstallGeneral info on air horn installation.*2470
Main Fuse LocationLocate the main fuse on 1500/1600 Vulcans.  *1890
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