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  • August 20, 2017, 21:36:39 PM
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Foot Controls, Pegs and Floorboards

Kuryakyn SPLINED ADAPTER MOUNTS FOR CRUISERS & SPORT BIKESKüryakyn Foot-pegs are a 2-part system for convenience and easy installation. Simply select the foot-pegs you desire & the appropriate motorcycle specific adapter for your bike.1660
Kuryakyn Passenger FloorboardsInstall a floorboard in place of a footpeg!  Splined Adapters required & sold separately.1970
Barons Longboards, Solid RubberOur unique mounting system allows each board to be adjusted forward or backward, as well as closer into or further away from the stock floorboard’s original position. Install in minutes.[/size]1820
Barons Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter 1500 Barons Driver Long Floorboards Flame The unique Enferno graphic details are machined into each board’s surface, allowing for insertion of our specially cut, vibration-reducing pads. Narrower than stock boards by 3/4” and lengthened by almost 2”, our boards provide i1880
Scootworks Kawasaki Brake PedalsErgonomically Designed Brake Pedals1400
Accessory International Footpegs - variousVarious makers represented.1940
Fake kickstart Assembly for DriftersThese can be adapted for the drifter. They are obviously not made for it. Search for kicker pedal kits. 2100
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