Government Healthcare “Reform” and Motorcycles. 

Typically I am reluctant to discuss political issues here, but this issure really bothers me. I have lived under two government controlled healthcare systems and am very familiar with the benefits and problems associated with these systems.

Money is the primary problem. Taxes provide the money to operate the system and, despite what some seem to think in D.C., there is a limit to the amount available to the system. Saving money is so important, it sometimes overshadows everything else.

The U.K. has recently decided not to provide treatment to women with certain forms of breast cancer. Some treatment options require months to be approved, by which time the applicant has died or is too ill for the treatment to be effective. Some treatments rely upon equipment which is in short supply, due to budget contraints, etc.

With health care costs in mind, “safety” requirements become mandatory for certain activities. Eventually, some activities are deemed too dangerous and expensive; and either the participant or the activity is banned from coverage. Several activities come to mind in this regard – such as motorcycling.

I know some will say these things cannot happen. I recall when wearing a seat belt was an option, now its a requirement.  Had the government attempted to make the wearing of seat belts mandatory at the outset, Americans would never have allowed it. But, by slowly elevating the requirements we accept the regulation now without a whimper.

The same will occur with government health care. This gives the government a reason, an excuse, to regulate every aspect of our lives… what we eat, how much we weigh, how many children we can have, in which activities we can participate, how we live and when we die.

Its pretty simple – the government is insatiable – give an inch and you will lose a mile. Freedom is not just a word and is not limited to the big things.

Health care changes are needed and TORT reform is where it should start. But Democrats killed the tort reform efforts under the Bush Administration. There are numerous things we can do. Too bad, the socialist option is the only one being pushed by the current liberal government.

Believe me, I will hold my government representatives responsible for this mess.

My two cents. Take it or leave it.