[5:51 PM] Chief has entered the room.
[5:56 PM]<Priate2890> hi guys
[5:57 PM]<ShadowKnows> Howdy Pr
[5:57 PM]<ShadowKnows> Just getting setup
[6:22 PM]<Chief> Hey Denny…
[6:23 PM]<BergProd> Duuude!  Just gettin’ ready…
[6:23 PM]<Chief> me too!
[6:23 PM]<Chief> Glad it works for you
[6:23 PM]<BergProd> Peice o’ cake…
[6:24 PM]<Chief> yea, but with computers you never know
[6:24 PM]<BergProd> Or piece o’ cake. Peace o’ cake, I donno…
[6:24 PM]<Chief> Welcome Frzb we’re just getting setup
[6:25 PM]<Chief> you make it on frzb
[6:27 PM]<BergProd> I’m pourin’ a Red Bull and a bowl of pretzels, figurin’ out which two fingers I’m gonna have to type with…..
[6:28 PM]<Chief> LOL…
[6:29 PM]<frzb1> Hi Chief yes I’m here
[6:29 PM]<frzb1> I’m just going over the pages of questions I have LOL
[6:29 PM]<BergProd> Hey, Cheif.. I forgot to tell ya that the signed photo was taken right after the first test ride on the S-Chief, you can tell by the grin…  About 12 years ago… Jeeeze, I’m gettin’ old…
[6:30 PM]<Chief> don’t say that… I’m a few months older than you…
[6:30 PM]<frzb1> Hi mr Berg, THANk you for doing this and taking time for us “drifters”
[6:31 PM]<Chief> We’re just sorta sitting and waiting
[6:31 PM]<Chief> Don’t want to leave anyone out.
[6:31 PM]<Chief> We’re supposed to start at 5
[6:31 PM]<Chief> Hopefully no one will have any problems
[6:32 PM]<BergProd> No prob…  It’s all good….   But who’s this MR.Berg..  Call me Denny…  (hehehe)
[6:33 PM]<Chief> Hey Denny… if you want you can input “/nick yournickname” to change your nick…
[6:33 PM]<Chief> maybe change it to MR BERG…
[6:33 PM]<Chief> 
[6:33 PM]<BergProd> Thanks, too many nicks to remember now…
[6:34 PM]<Chief> you don’t have the nickkeeper on your pda? <g>
[6:35 PM]<BergProd> It’s kinda different goin’ on a Chat Room with my pants on! (Jus’ kiddin’, really…)
[6:35 PM]<BergProd> Huh, I’m lucky if I can turn this thing on and get e-mail….
[6:35 PM]<Chief> Don’t need that visual…
[6:37 PM]<Chief> :beer:
[6:37 PM]<BergProd> Uuumm, thats a ‘Pay fer View’….
[6:38 PM]<Chief> <LOL>… in my case they’d likely Pay NOT TO view… !!
[6:40 PM]<Chief> I have no clue how many folks will show up tonight
[6:41 PM]<Chief> I am logging the session so we can edit and post for those who can’t make it.
[6:42 PM]<frzb1> Chief  thanks for doing the story thing I think it will be a big hit
[6:42 PM]<Chief> For those who don’t know
[6:42 PM]<Chief> We started a Drifter Life deal
[6:42 PM]<frzb1> already some good stories in there
[6:42 PM]<Chief> with stories about drifters
[6:43 PM]<Chief> We get all sorts of responses from non-drifter types
[6:43 PM]<Chief> Yea we have  6 or 8 stories out there right now…
[6:43 PM]<Chief> Got you bibs on HB?
[6:45 PM]<Hillbilly> just got home from work
[6:45 PM]<Hillbilly> 102 here today
[6:45 PM]<Chief> only 93 here, TN
[6:46 PM]<frzb1> hey HB, I just wanted to tell you the bike looks amazing, I love the wheels and tank and I will be doing the rims in powder coat and forks too
[6:46 PM]<Hillbilly> cold front huh
[6:46 PM]<Hillbilly> thanks I like it
[6:47 PM]<Hillbilly> I have to find some nice bags for it now
[6:47 PM]<frzb1> Heathers Leathers !! LOL
[6:47 PM]<Hillbilly> they do very good work
[6:48 PM]<Hillbilly> we just rode 5000 miles have to get the nickles back together
[6:48 PM]<Chief> You know we’ve got that accessories and review board running. So if you want you can leave some info for others
[6:49 PM]<Hillbilly> I was hoping chief had some.   LOL!!!!
[6:49 PM]<Hillbilly> That is an idea I will check it out.
[6:50 PM]<Chief> Actually there is a set of maverick bags in the classifieds… maybe some more. ..
[6:51 PM]<Hillbilly> I will take a look a little later
[6:53 PM]<Hillbilly> Yeah FRZB I have a few new ideas but the wife said it is nothing but a brain fart.   LOL!!!!
[6:53 PM]<frzb1> wish I had your brain farts!LOL
[6:54 PM]<frzb1> or OLIVE!!
[6:55 PM]<BergProd> Horse walks into a bar, bartender says “Why the long face?”   (hehehe)   Sorry, jus’ warmin’ up… the Red Bull just kicked in, ya know?……
[6:55 PM]<frzb1> LOl this is gonna be goog!
[6:55 PM]<Chief> You about ready to get going, Denny?
[6:55 PM]<frzb1> sorry 2 finger typing
[6:55 PM]<BergProd> Yup, bring it!!!
[6:56 PM]<Chief> I just posted that little youtube video about you.
[6:56 PM]<BergProd> Huh???  Not THAT one, I hope!!!
[6:57 PM]<Chief> no, the other one… <g>
[6:57 PM]<Chief> three more minutes
[6:57 PM]<BergProd> Whew!
[6:58 PM]<Hillbilly> well I must get something to eat back in a little while
[7:00 PM]<Chief> I’m pleased to introduce one of our generation’s top motorcycle builders, designers and restorers. His innovation, design style and attention to detail has profoundly impacted the motorcycle world – especially the world of metric motorcycles. His vision directly inspired Kawasaki’s production of the bike we love… our Drifter.
[7:00 PM]<Chief> Welcome Denny Berg
[7:00 PM]<BergProd> Thanks, glad to be here…
[7:01 PM]<Chief> This is an informal discussion and questions will be pretty diverse I imagine…
[7:01 PM]<BergProd> Cool…
[7:02 PM]<BergProd> Fire away, frzb…
[7:02 PM]<frzb1> Denny , thnks for being here, are you now or will you in the future do another “project bike” for a major motorcycle company or was the “drifter” a one time thing? and if it was THANK YOU
[7:02 PM]<BergProd> Benn working on the new Vincent but Bernie Li was killed a few weeks ago and it’s all on hold now..
[7:03 PM]<Chief> Sorry to hear that… what do you think of the new Vincent?
[7:04 PM]<BergProd> I did a bike called the Green Streak after the S-Chief, kinda looked like the Mean Streak, wonder how that happened?
[7:04 PM]<Chief> <LOL>
[7:04 PM]<Priate2890> how long does it take from conception to compleation on a bike like that?
[7:04 PM]<BergProd> It was lookin’ great, can’t tell ya a whole lot about it ’til the stuff is off the fan…
[7:05 PM]<BergProd> Sometimes the project is fast, sometimes slow and hard, depends on the input
[7:05 PM]<Chief> Denny I understand that when you’re in “the zone” building you listen to some tunes… what would those be?
[7:06 PM]<BergProd> The SuperChief went fast, I knew what I wanted and had great input from Don and Ken…
[7:07 PM]<Priate2890> thanks
[7:07 PM]<BergProd> Tunes? Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Moody Blues, Metalica, Enya…  Whatever I’m in the mood for.. (cranked to #11, usually!)
[7:07 PM]<frzb1> did you ever own an Indian? what have been your best loved bikes/ short list 
[7:08 PM]<BergProd> Had a couple of 220 Silver Arrows, but built quite a few at the Time Machine… Work on ’em an hour, ride ’em an hour…
[7:09 PM]<Chief> Sounds like my playlist… You’re known for using non-bike parts to solve a design issue… what odd things have you used?
[7:09 PM]<BergProd> Short list? My beloved SR500’s, ’41 Knuckle chop, and whatever has gas in the tank in the garage…
[7:09 PM]<frzb1> Pink floyd, moody blues etc.. I  KNEW these ‘drifters” were special  
[7:10 PM]<BergProd> Non- b parts… A lot of plumbing parts, pretty good chrome…
[7:11 PM]<Chief> I used faucet handles for the airbox cover bolts…
[7:11 PM]<Priate2890> I guess parts is parts right?
[7:11 PM]<BergProd> Haven’t done “retail” since ’95, so I go in the Shop, lock the doors and crank the tunes!
[7:11 PM]<BergProd> I prefer “Cheap is GOOD!”
[7:11 PM]<poisond> if you can’t duck tape it right…
[7:12 PM]<poisond> cheap is always better, I agree…
[7:12 PM]<BergProd> I’m a duct-tape God!
[7:12 PM]<Priate2890> its what holds the world together
[7:12 PM]<BergProd> I’ve been called the “Krylon King”, too
[7:13 PM]<poisond> i’m out right now, bad me.  have to go to walmart & pick up more
[7:13 PM]<BergProd> Later…
[7:13 PM]<Chief> Drifter riders have to be innovative… I think that helps us
[7:14 PM]<Priate2890> if a part wont fit…make it fit right chief?
[7:14 PM]<Chief> I’ve been struck by how different our bikes can look…
[7:14 PM]<BergProd> I think bike riders have lost that ‘bailin’ wire to get home’ thang
[7:14 PM]<Priate2890> I HATE haveing to call a tow truck, embaresses me
[7:14 PM]<frzb1> did you think the “drifter” would go over bigger than it did and were you surprised at how it was marketed ?
[7:14 PM]<BergProd> Doesn’t take long for a Drifter owner to change it up…
[7:15 PM]<poisond> i’ve called the tow truck, on drifter number 2, but it’s cause i blew the tire
[7:15 PM]<BergProd> I kinda knew it would be a ‘niche bike’, but not disappointed…
[7:16 PM]<Priate2890> I think that may be why we went for it it the first place, So it wouldnt look like every other bike out there
[7:16 PM]<poisond> niche yes, but look how hard it is to get one now, & now people want them, it’s crazy
[7:16 PM]<BergProd> The marketing was gonna be hard, too. Not everybody had to have one and Kawi knew that…
[7:16 PM]<Chief> I think it must have surpassed Kaw’s expectations or they would not have expanded its sales
[7:16 PM]<BergProd> Yup, but pencil-pushers rule the world….
[7:17 PM]<poisond> so true…
[7:17 PM]<Chief> I understand you wanted to call it the Super Chief, but the name “Vintage” was also a possibility was it not?
[7:17 PM]<BergProd> Yup, but Yamaha had that (Vintage)
[7:17 PM]<poisond> and where did the word “Drifter” come from ?
[7:18 PM]<BergProd> Late 60’s Kawi snowmobile…
[7:18 PM]<poisond> Wow, that’s where.  Crazy, no wonder why when i’m looking for parts i find alot of snowmobile stuff…
[7:18 PM]<BergProd> Kawi already owned that, it’s hard to get a name nobody ownes nowdays…
[7:18 PM]<Priate2890> I thought that may have been it, almost orderd parts off ebay from one
[7:19 PM]<BergProd> Waaaayyy too many lawyers on earth!!!
[7:19 PM]<Priate2890> now thats the truth!
[7:19 PM]<Chief> Looks like the combo of you guys at Cobra really push the envelope on metric customs. What are a couple of your favorites?
[7:20 PM]<BergProd> The Copper Chopper, Hot Saki… the simple ones…
[7:20 PM]<poisond> whats great about the drifts is that, well, i’ve owned 3 of them, & none of them look the same.  it’s cool to put your stamp on it anyway, no matter what mood your in
[7:20 PM]<WOODCARVER1> Greetings from the rain soaked north  😎
[7:20 PM]<Chief> I have to say, Denny, those are two of my favorites as well.
[7:20 PM]<Priate2890> hey woodcarver
[7:21 PM]<frzb1> so was the drifter only to be made in one size (800) or was the idea to make a 1500  also?
[7:21 PM]<BergProd> Rain! what’s that (Palm Springs, here)
[7:21 PM]<WOODCARVER1> Sounds like I should move  
[7:21 PM]<BergProd> The original was the 1500 only, the 800 was a pleasent surprise!
[7:22 PM]<poisond> what about the 400 ?
[7:22 PM]<BergProd> jus’ a shrunk 800, but cool…
[7:22 PM]<frzb1> YES! LOL  and someday if Mak hasn’t bought every last one I will get the 1500 too 
[7:22 PM]<WOODCARVER1> Was there any indication that this bike might go to production when you first designed it or did it just turn out to be your lucky day???
[7:22 PM]<poisond> how long was the 400 out for ?
[7:23 PM]<BergProd> No chance, but it all came together fast, kinda like a good dream…
[7:23 PM]<BergProd> Don’t know the stats on the 400, never saw one here…
[7:24 PM]<Chief> Hot Saki – what a great bike. What challenges did that present?
[7:24 PM]<BergProd> Man, I just held on the wrenches and parts flew!!!!  Pure JOY!
[7:24 PM]<poisond> do you think the changes that came about ( 4.2 to 5 gallon, chrome ) was for the better or worse.  personally, i would love an all blacked out drift, but wouldnt want to sacrifice the tank etc…
[7:25 PM]<BergProd> I kinda liked the black, too. The Euros and Japanese dig chrome…
[7:25 PM]<frzb1> have you ever been able to get production numbers or have a good guess as to how many were made? seems to be a state secret ! 
[7:25 PM]<BergProd> The 5 gallon tank lost the seam, right?
[7:26 PM]<Chief> yep
[7:26 PM]<poisond> yes
[7:27 PM]<BergProd> I’ve been callin’ Croft Long at Kawi, but he hasn’t returned my calls, he’s the marketing director. Probably thinks I got an idea for another bike….
[7:27 PM]<Chief> yes- logging on a different program
[7:28 PM]<Chief> You strip the bikes down to the bare frame and work them back up, correct?
[7:28 PM]<BergProd> Love the pics of the Roder’s bike on the website, I’ rippin’ off a lot of ideas!!!
[7:28 PM]<BergProd> ooop, RIDER’S bikes
[7:29 PM]<Chief> That’s what we do… steal ideas and make them work for us!
[7:29 PM]<BergProd> Yup, it’s easier to visualize with just a bare frame…
[7:29 PM]<poisond> i’ve stolen everything…
[7:29 PM]<frzb1> Me TOO LOL
[7:29 PM]<BergProd> Heck, I’ve never had an original idea, just happy to make a livin’ doin’ this…
[7:30 PM]<Chief> You don’t seem to have bought into the stretched custom fad??
[7:30 PM]<poisond> i’m terrible working on my scoot, & scratch more than I fix, but I love doing it ( fixing, not the scratching ).  each scratch usually equals more leather cover up parts
[7:30 PM]<BergProd> Jeeeze! I did that in ’68!!!
[7:31 PM]<Chief> Back when we did CHOPPERS in our garage!!
[7:31 PM]<BergProd> Scratches are just “petina”…
[7:31 PM]<BergProd> Yup, choppers and paint fumes!
[7:32 PM]<WOODCARVER1> Good to know… I thought I was seeing things  
[7:32 PM]<Chief> One designer said his unrideable $50,000+ custom was really intended as a “work of art”… but its the Drifter which is actually in an art museum!
[7:32 PM]<BergProd> ‘Ten Hut!
[7:33 PM]<Chief> Scare him off Denny
[7:33 PM]<BergProd> Oooops, scared him…
[7:33 PM]<frzb1> he had marching orders
[7:33 PM]<Priate2890> lol
[7:33 PM]<Chief> I think java gives folks some problems.
[7:33 PM]<BergProd> “Works of Art” look best on the road and dirty…
[7:34 PM]<Chief> 10-4!!!
[7:34 PM]<Chief> BUT…
[7:34 PM]<Priate2890> I like getting it dirty, but then feel guilty and have to clean it
[7:34 PM]<WOODCARVER1> When you mentionned Roder I thought you were referring to former HD racer who became HD dealer… Good to know we’re generating some good ideas  
[7:34 PM]<BergProd> A project only has to be clean once, when it’s done…
[7:34 PM]<frzb1> but still it has to be kind of a trip to know/see a bike you created as a musuem art piece
[7:34 PM]<Priate2890> “that sounded so much beter in my head”
[7:35 PM]<Chief> When you can have looks AND a damn good bike… you have a drifter
[7:35 PM]<BergProd> Jup, I miss George R. Sr.
[7:35 PM]<Chief> You actually did some racing didn’t you?
[7:35 PM]<WOODCARVER1> He did have a great rep
[7:35 PM]<BergProd> Yup, fell off a LOT!
[7:35 PM]<BergProd> but the bikes were the coolest in the pits!
[7:36 PM]<Chief> What did you race?
[7:36 PM]<BergProd> Flat track, road racers, all before disc brakes, even!
[7:37 PM]<BergProd> All my racin’ pics are black and white!   Jeeeze! I’m old!
[7:37 PM]<WOODCARVER1> Have to disappear but great to have met you all, and of course, Denny, we’ll always treasure your contribution… without your bike we’d have no “canvas” to work with when trying to personalize our bikes… for that matter this forum wouldn’t exist…
[7:37 PM]<BergProd> The broken bones still hurt, though…
[7:37 PM]<frzb1> did you ever race in kansas, back in the 60-70’s was a big nationals events in kansas
[7:37 PM]<BergProd> Thanks WC
[7:38 PM]<WOODCARVER1> Ride safe — I’m off 😎
[7:38 PM]<BergProd> Nope, furtheer North, then SoCal since ’73
[7:39 PM]<Chief> You did a Valk custom didn’t you?
[7:39 PM]<Priate2890> I have to go, nice chatting with you Mr. Berg
[7:39 PM]<frzb1> well most of kansas IS flat track
[7:39 PM]<Chief> Cheers PR
[7:39 PM]<BergProd> Yup, serial # 4… The Cobra Six-Shooter…
[7:39 PM]<Priate2890> later chief
[7:39 PM]<Chief> That’s a quick bike…
[7:40 PM]<BergProd> It was bent in half when I got it, magazine crasher…
[7:40 PM]<Chief> ??
[7:41 PM]<BergProd> the Six-Shooter…
[7:41 PM]<Chief> Got that part… it was a wreck?
[7:41 PM]<BergProd> Yup!
[7:42 PM]<Chief> Well that adds some challenges
[7:42 PM]<BergProd> Magazine guy (nameless) almost lost a left leg…
[7:42 PM]<Chief> geez
[7:42 PM]<BergProd> Hey, got tha bad karma out of the way…
[7:42 PM]<Chief> LOL
[7:43 PM]<Glenn> howdy all
[7:43 PM]<BergProd> Hey, Chief… I signed the jacket with my Sharpy before I repacked it…
[7:43 PM]<BergProd> Hey, Glenn
[7:44 PM]<Chief> Thanks… its out there for auction now…
[7:44 PM]<Glenn> many people here tonight?
[7:44 PM]<Chief> A lot of us read that little blub, Art & the Zen of Customizing… I’d like to make a small poster out of it
[7:44 PM]<BergProd> Vey cool
[7:44 PM]<Chief> folks are coming and going…
[7:44 PM]<Glenn> got any LARGER jackets for us larger Drifter riders?  LOL
[7:44 PM]<BergProd> Sorry, press guys are smaller than “normal”…
[7:45 PM]<Chief> except above the neck…
[7:45 PM]<BergProd> Jacket size, that is,
[7:45 PM]<frzb1> I read that book,
[7:45 PM]<Glenn> did you ever have the comemmorative set that 99 Drifter buyers got?
[7:45 PM]<BergProd> Yup, got it all…
[7:46 PM]<Chief> You can see all of that on the vdr site…
[7:46 PM]<BergProd> Name on the bar mount and etc.
[7:46 PM]<Glenn> I have that set too, really is a neat thing for Drifter owners. I wish Kaw sold them to newer buyers too.
[7:46 PM]<frzb1> are there any “up and comers” in the bike design biz you like? or is it like the hotrods becoming a lost art ( frenching and leading etc)
[7:46 PM]<BergProd> Yup, I know…
[7:46 PM]<Glenn> a really nice brochure on the Drifter also in it.
[7:47 PM]<Chief> And you got #48 Drifter off the line… even more importantly!!!
[7:47 PM]<BergProd> Lotsa new kids, we”ll see if this “resetion” is gonna slow ’em down…
[7:48 PM]<BergProd> Heck, the new kids don’t know what “leadin'” and points are!
[7:48 PM]<Glenn> did anyone ask if he will be in Cherokee for DriftIn 09?
[7:48 PM]<Chief> Actually, Denny, I think you were the perfect person to do the Indian tribute. Your philosophy, skills etc. I don’t think any of the harley-centric guys could have pulled it off.
[7:48 PM]<Chief> Not yet!
[7:48 PM]<BergProd> Don’t know, is that a Jeep SUV?
[7:49 PM]<Glenn> not a jeep
[7:49 PM]<BergProd> Oooops!
[7:49 PM]<frzb1> or maybe the unrally in eureka springs?
[7:49 PM]<BergProd> Lemme know when?
[7:49 PM]<Glenn> Cherokee NC July 2009 for the Drift In Rally
[7:49 PM]<Chief> DI 2009 is in the Cherokee reservation in NC…
[7:50 PM]<Chief> The event stuff will be on the website.
[7:50 PM]<BergProd> Hhhhmmm, gotta check my schedule, ya know Bowtox and tummy tucks…
[7:50 PM]<BergProd> OK…
[7:50 PM]<Chief> There’s also an “unrally”… later this year – more of a gathering nothing really planned…
[7:50 PM]<Glenn> JULY 15-16-17-18, 2009
[7:51 PM]<BergProd> where?
[7:51 PM]<Glenn> the most Drifters at one place that I have ever seen this year.
[7:51 PM]<Glenn> Cherokee North Carolina
[7:51 PM]<BergProd> cool, got relatives near thwere…
[7:51 PM]<BergProd> “there”
[7:52 PM]<Glenn> I think we had 38 Drifters this year in Maggie Valley, It was GREAT.
[7:52 PM]<Glenn> BlueRidge Parkway nearby
[7:52 PM]<BergProd> DIDJA SEE  Wheels Through Time?
[7:52 PM]<Chief> Were you aware he’s closing down in September?
[7:52 PM]<Glenn> I didn’t get in. I saw it from the road. several Drifter riders went though. But it is moving soon.
[7:53 PM]<BergProd> Kinda heard, bummer!
[7:53 PM]<Glenn> he is moving the museum
[7:53 PM]<Chief> HE’s moving elsewhere – don’t know where
[7:53 PM]<Glenn> I think AZ
[7:53 PM]<BergProd> lacation, location!
[7:53 PM]<Chief> yep
[7:53 PM]<BergProd> notin’ rusts in Az.
[7:54 PM]<Glenn> Well Maggie Valley is sort of isolated, imo
[7:54 PM]<frzb1> it will be close to Vegas
[7:54 PM]<BergProd> Yup, hard to get a good goat-milk latte in NC!
[7:54 PM]<Chief> should you ever want one!
[7:55 PM]<Glenn> I think it is going to Lake Havasu, AZ
[7:55 PM]<BergProd> liquid of the Gods!
[7:55 PM]<Glenn> hmmm, I will take your word on that.  LOL
[7:56 PM]<Chief> I grew up on goat milk… <LOL>
[7:56 PM]<BergProd> jus, kiddin’, I’m a decaf Sanka man…
[7:56 PM]<Chief> just don’t know what the heck a latte is…  
[7:56 PM]<Chief> A lot of guys spend too much time worrying about what people will think about their bike. Customizing is about making yourself happy. You can’t be afraid to try new things and make mistakes. If you are afraid to try things, you have no business building a custom motorcycle.
[7:57 PM]<BergProd> Sorry, latte’…
[7:57 PM]<Chief> still no help!!!
[7:57 PM]<Glenn> I wish Kawasaki would make a new Drifter based on the 1600 Vulcan. Do you think you can talk them into that???
[7:57 PM]<BergProd> have you read my diary?
[7:57 PM]<Chief> That is your quote!!
[7:57 PM]<Glenn> nope
[7:58 PM]<Chief> I think its one most drifter riders can related to
[7:58 PM]<BergProd> Jup, not gonna happen. Maybe later. John Hoover is not at Kawi, he was the GodFather of the Drifter…
[7:58 PM]<Glenn> Have you seen a picture of the Drifter Chopper?
[7:58 PM]<frzb1> but if they don’t ours will be worth their weight in gold!
[7:58 PM]<brent3163> <almost a drifter owner
[7:58 PM]<BergProd> VERY cool, wish i had an extra Drifter!
[7:59 PM]<frzb1> talk to Mak! LOL
[7:59 PM]<Glenn> unfortunately ours won’t be worth a lot because of low demand. but I am keeping mine.
[7:59 PM]<Chief> welcome brent… get a drifter!!! tomorrow!!
[7:59 PM]<frzb1> i disagree
[7:59 PM]<brent3163> tried to buy one two weeks ago….but did not sell my bike before the guy that had the drifter for sale sold it……..broke down got a yamaha
[7:59 PM]<brent3163> i’m ashamed
[7:59 PM]<brent3163> lol
[7:59 PM]<BergProd> Ya know, the fewer Drifters there are, the more valuable later on…  (not like an Edsel, I hope!)
[7:59 PM]<brent3163> those do look very cool
[7:59 PM]<Glenn> The chopper was really great. I didn’t think I would like it until I saw it.
[8:00 PM]<Chief> I agee Denny.
[8:00 PM]<Glenn> I doubt they will ever be valuable but I can hope. 
[8:00 PM]<brent3163> dang guys at the yamaha places fault…..they made me a sweet deal on a new 07 road star
[8:00 PM]<frzb1> do you see that as happening / drifters becoming  “collectables?”
[8:00 PM]<BergProd> don’t quite your 401K…
[8:01 PM]<Glenn> brent, what Yamaha did you buy?
[8:01 PM]<Glenn> Woops. I see Road Star
[8:01 PM]<frzb1> I’m keeping mine anyway!1
[8:01 PM]<BergProd> Collectable? Sure, they’re already that way…
[8:01 PM]<brent3163> got a road star 1700 midnight for 9,500 out door
[8:01 PM]<brent3163> just could not pass it up
[8:01 PM]<Glenn> wow, that is a sweet price.  Congratulations and enjoy it
[8:02 PM]<Glenn> just remember all collectibles do not go up in value.
[8:02 PM]<brent3163> before that i was thinking about a vulcan classic and sticking drifter fender on it
[8:02 PM]<BergProd> I always wanted to do a RoadStar Vintage copy for Cobra…
[8:02 PM]<Glenn> but used Drifters are fairly cheap. where do you live Brent?
[8:03 PM]<brent3163> dallas
[8:03 PM]<Glenn> Howdy Reid
[8:03 PM]<JustReid> Hello Alll
[8:03 PM]<BergProd> I know of a ’99 still in the crate…..
[8:03 PM]<Glenn> some Drifters have been for sale out in TX recently.
[8:03 PM]<frzb1> of course I didn’t buy the Drifter to make a buck, IT GRABBED me by the short hairs and wouldn’t let go!!
[8:04 PM]<JustReid> Glenn, new ones?
[8:04 PM]<brent3163> i had found one for 5,800 on craigs list
[8:04 PM]<brent3163> low miles…had a little ding
[8:04 PM]<Glenn> I want an 03 1500 in the crate, got one??
[8:04 PM]<BergProd> It’s gonna be high, guy got it for an investment…
[8:04 PM]<Glenn> not new ones. used
[8:04 PM]<brent3163> well….maybe next bike
[8:04 PM]<Glenn> bad investment
[8:04 PM]<BergProd> He’s got too much money now…
[8:04 PM]<JustReid> I know of an ’06 800 (new) in VA
[8:04 PM]<brent3163> got to be better than more 401k
[8:05 PM]<brent3163> my*
[8:05 PM]<Glenn> there was a place near here that had 2 99 Drifters. one in the crate and one demo model. I don’t know if they still have them but their price was on the high side, imo.
[8:05 PM]<BergProd> or the kid’s college fund…
[8:05 PM]<Glenn> nope, I want an 03 1500. I think there has to be 1 or 2 out there somewhere…..
[8:06 PM]<BergProd> Cool, dug it!
[8:06 PM]<Chief> Sorry about that.. meant to send you a different message Denny
[8:06 PM]<Chief> Still don’t have a handle on this.
[8:06 PM]<BergProd> Lemme know if ya do it again… Thanks…
[8:06 PM]<Glenn> Brent there was a used Drifter in the Dallas area recently. I e-mail the seller. I think it was an 01 or 02?
[8:07 PM]<BergProd> I’m still here, need more RedBull, though…
[8:07 PM]<Chief> Folks this is officially the end of the chat session. We wan to thank Denny for his time. No one has to leave but Denny may need to get another red bull
[8:07 PM]<brent3163> i just bought this bike last saturday
[8:07 PM]<brent3163> so….i’ll have this one for a few years
[8:07 PM]<Glenn> Thanks Denny
[8:07 PM]<JustReid> When I got my 03, in aug.04, it took 3 months of phone calls to dealers.  Only found 1 at Bert’s Mega-Mall in West Covina, CA.  Flew there and rode it home to NC.
[8:07 PM]<BergProd> Yer Welcome…
[8:08 PM]<JustReid> Thanks, Denny sorry I was late
[8:08 PM]<Glenn> there has to be a way to search dealers inventory
[8:08 PM]<brent3163> y’all have a good evening
[8:08 PM]<brent3163> tc
[8:08 PM]<BergProd> Burt’s kick a**..
[8:08 PM]<ToolMan> Just got back from work, sorry I missed the party.
[8:09 PM]<Chief> We’re still here and I have this logged and will figure out how to post//
[8:09 PM]<JustReid> Bert’s took great care of me.  Had the windshield, bags, and light bar on when I arrive.
[8:09 PM]<frzb1> I gotta go  Denny Thanks so much for doing this it was a real honor to talk with you, kinda like meeting davinci! Your vision has changed my life  (really) and thanks Chief for doing this and all you do
[8:09 PM]<BergProd> Later. frzb
[8:10 PM]<Chief> cheers frzb
[8:10 PM]<Chief> :beer:
[8:10 PM]<frzb1> gonna go get one and look at MY DRIFTER!!! LOL
[8:10 PM]<BergProd> G’Night, ya’all…
[8:10 PM]<Glenn> see you all later. NITE
[8:10 PM]<JustReid> Thanks
[8:10 PM]<Chief> Cheers Denny… I’ll email you tomorrow…
[8:11 PM]<Chief> What a great guy… !!!
[8:11 PM]<ToolMan> Hope U can post Chief..
[8:11 PM]<JustReid> <—feelin like I missed something great
[8:11 PM]<ToolMan> me 2
[8:11 PM]<Chief> Sorry… I will post… and I will set up another one with him.
[8:12 PM]<ToolMan> ok then.. L8r..
[8:12 PM]<JustReid> Chief will figure it out…….