GoPro HD HERO 960 Camera

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GoPro HD Hero 960

Features: 720p and 960p HD resolutions, 5 Megapixel Digital Photos, Included are two adhesive mounts, a helmet front mount and a headlamp-style head strap

The GoPro HD HERO 960 Wearable HD Camera is, like all GoPro cameras, one tough cookie. Aside from 1280 x 960p high def video capture, the camcorder lets you shoot as deep as 180′ under the surface, and it also comes equipped with multiple mounts for recording from just about any angle. With the 960 you’ll get the quick-release housing, a curved mount, flat mount, helmet front mount, headlamp-style head strap, and a quick-release buckle. In addition, a number of other accessories and mounting options are available from the company as well. More than a video camera, the 960 also takes 5Mp still images. You can capture a single shot, or shoot at intervals from 2 to 60 seconds, for up to 2.5 hours. The camera function also allows for pictures taken with the self-timer and for ‘triple shots’. Other highlights of the 960 include 2.5 hours of battery power on a full charge and 9 hours of storage to a standard 32GB SD card.
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