MRCA – Motorcycle Rider’s Club of America.

Ok, I’m an information junky. There are a few pseudo-clubs to which I belong for various reasons. Some to support causes I believe in, some to get magazines and to stay informed, some just for fun.

I recently joined the MRCA. I discovered they send books/videos like Columbia House… hell I thought it was a free “benefit”. So that isn’t good.

I’ve subscribed to RIDER magazine for a while, so that was a nice benefit for joining.

Well, today, I discovered they had billed my account 4 times overnight. So I went off to the club website. No contact information, no way to access your account, no way to leave a message – well unless you join the “forum” on their site. After some searching I found the MRCAstaff comment page. So I left a comment. I also read the comments being left by others. Most are not “reassuring”.

So, I will wait and see if these guys are legit and will report back to you. If you have any experience with them, please let me know.