Garmin Zumo 660 and 665

We are looking at the Zumo 660 and 665.  Garmin says both units were designed with motorcycle use in mind.

Let’s start out with the discernible differences between the 660 and the 665. The 665 has XM radio capability while the 660 does not.   Additionally battery life is different between the two units.  Garmin says the 660 will last up to 5 hours, while the 665 is rated at up to 3 hours, less with backlight and options.

The 665 comes standard with the GXM 40 XM antenna so all you need to do is subscribe to XM and your are ready to go. XM NavWeather and XM NavTraffic can be added for up to the minute access to weather, radar graphics and traffic information. None of this is available on the 660.

The dimensions of both units are the same – 5.3″W x 3.3″H x .9″D (13.5 x 8.4 x 2.3 cm) and they weigh the same – 9.5 oz (260g).

Both units have the wide screen which I prefer, allowing more of the map to be visible. The screen is has 480 x 272 pixel resolution, not the highest resolution available for gps units, but on par with most. The WQVGA color TFT screen has a white backlight which comes in useful.

Batteries are lithium-ion, user replaceable and rechargeable. As with all Garmin units there is the capability of hardwiring the unit to the bike. More on that later.

The unit is waterproof, a requirement for motorcycle electronics. Most newer Garmin GPS  units are waterproof to IPX7 standards. This means the GPS case can withstand accidental immersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

I have no idea of the size of the internal memory. It holds complete maps of the US and Canada, plus can hold 1000 waypoints and 20 routes. An additional micro SD card can be used for additional storage.

Both the 660 and 665 have an on-board MP3 player and advanced A2DP Bluetooth technology – allowing for Bluetooth stereo .  I currently use a separate XM and use a Lowrance 600 with MP3 player on the Goldwing. Having everything in one relatively small package will allow me to use the same unit on my Drifter as well as the gadget capable Goldwing.

One of the essential requirements of any GPS I use is voice prompts which include street names. The 660 and 665 both have this feature. There is no voice-activated navigation on these units. That really isn’t a problem since voice prompting is very picky even in a quiet environment. With the wind noise anticipated on a bike, this feature would likely be useless.

Have you ever seen a parked LEO in the distance and wondered what the speed limit is on that stretch of the road? There is a speed limit indicator feature on these units which displays speed limits for most major roads in the U.S. and Europe.

As with other Garmin units, these have the Where Am I feature allowing you to find the closet hospital, police, gas, address or intersection.

Both come with mounting accessories for bikes and automobiles.

MSRP for the 660 is $799, and for the 665 $999.00, but the 660 can be found for under $600; and the 665 for around $900  as of this date (05/10/10)

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