Motorcycle Cable TOTW with Motion Pro Kyle Bradshaw from meets with Joe from to discuss the function and benefits of properly maintained stock as well as aftermarket cables. In this tip we discuss different cable types, cable maintenance, and how to properly measure for the purchase and addition of cables “over stock length.” Listen to Joe tell a story about cable maintenance that will have you wondering “when was the last time my cables were lubricated? On a budget? If you love the look of braided cables, want to save some cash, and have some free time and patience… check out the various cable covering options. The options include Chrome, Black, and Carbon Fiber Flexi Wire and Hose Cover from Barons Custom Accessories. I you are looking for a Complete Overstock Kit featuring Motion Pro Cables and Goodrich Lines, Barons Custom Accessories has come up with the answer! Check out their limited selection of Bar Kits, but rest assured that Cruiser Customizing will soon have all of the popular metric over stock kits available! A big thanks to Motion Pro for providing great products and much needed expertise in the arena of Motorcycle cables and Motorcycle Tools. Until Next Week, Take Care & Ride Safe! Kyle

Author: CruiserCustomizing
Duration: 332
Published: 2010-03-12 17:30:18
Motorcycle Cable TOTW with Motion Pro