Motorcycle Rally Ready TOTW

In this tip, Kyle Bradshaw of discusses the items all riders should think about before heading out on a long distance or motorcycle rally expedition. In this tip you will find accessories for making the miles more manageable, tools for unforeseen adventures, and items often sought after once riders arrive at their destinations. Accessories for the Road Wind Protection: You will most likely find a Fairing or Windshiled the greatest way to protect yourself from the wind, the rain or any other outside element. Some of the best fairings are Kuryakyn AirMaster, Sportech, and Hoppe. When it comes to Windshileds, Memphis Shades and National Cycle are two of the Industry Leaders. Comfortable Seat: When talking about racking up the miles, your rear end is often the most abused and often the most neglected body part. Mustang Seats and Saddleman make great seats designed to help you go the distance. Rear Luggage: In addition to saddlebags, there are many other options available for sissybar or rear seat luggage. Sissybars or Passenger Backrests: If carrying a passenger, a sissybar is a great way to ensure he or she remains safe and comfortable. Cobra, National Cycle, and Custom World International are three of the industry leaders when it comes to passenger backrests. Motorcycle Specific Tool Kits and Tire Repair Kit are items you think you can do without… until the need arises. Treat yourself to a quality tool and tire repair kit so you are covered if

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Published: 2010-04-09 15:16:29
Motorcycle Rally Ready TOTW